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Listed for strike off - failure to file Annual Validation in 2020

The strike off list in this section gives details of companies who failed to comply with Section 234 or 235 of the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 and file an Annual Validation submission by the last day of February.

Companies listed for strike off on 9 March 2020 for failure to file an annual validation

Unless cause is shown to the contrary (the company submits its annual validation or evidence is shown to the Registrar that the company is party to legal proceedings), companies listed for strike off will be struck from the register and dissolved, on a date following the expiration of the statutory 2 months' notice period.

Date of publicationCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry date
09/03/2020207BOSS Limited47968Annual validation filed on 09/04/2020-
09/03/202036 38 Fountain Street Limited64604-09/05/2020
09/03/202036 CORNWALL TERRACE MEWS LIMITED59918-09/05/2020
09/03/2020360 View Property Limited65658Annual validation filed on 28/04/2020-
09/03/20205th Dimension (Guernsey) Limited65378Annual validation filed on 14/04/2020-
09/03/20208V8 Equity General Partner Ltd.66547Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020A76 Crew IC Limited67019Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Aberdeen Standard Global Infrastructure GP III Ltd.66860Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020ABERFELDY STREET LIMITED58302-09/05/2020
09/03/2020ABONNEMENT INVESTMENTS (GUERNSEY) LIMITED56892Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Accepted Mobile Limited65350Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020ACP Guernsey Limited63526Annual validation filed on 02/04/2020-
09/03/2020ACUITY SWAN LIMITED61424Annual validation filed on 01/04/2020-
09/03/2020Adjure Global Limited51306Annual validation filed on 20/04/2020-
09/03/2020AFR SUPPORT SERVICES LIMITED50858Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020African Fertiliser Limited60987Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020African Strategic Investment (Holdings) Limited61615Annual validation filed on 17/03/2020-
09/03/2020AGRITERRA (MOZAMBIQUE) LIMITED49839Annual validation filed on 06/05/2020-
09/03/2020Agriterra Limited42643Annual validation filed on 20/03/2020-
09/03/2020AL AREEN LIMITED53546Annual validation filed on 30/03/2020-
09/03/2020AL BANDARY A PROPERTY LIMITED52588Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020AL MAHA BOAT COMPANY LIMITED47970Annual validation filed on 30/03/2020-
09/03/2020Alderton Limited63220-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Alicante Limited19631Annual validation filed on 06/05/2020-
09/03/2020Almar Limited31218Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Alphabet Limited38805-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Alpine Limited63160Annual validation filed on 30/03/2020-
09/03/2020ALRAS REAL ESTATE COMPANY LIMITED49674Annual validation filed on 28/04/2020-
09/03/2020AL-SDAIR PROPERTY LIMITED51830Annual validation filed on 29/04/2020-
09/03/2020AMBER FAMILY HOLDINGS LIMITED53874Annual validation filed on 25/03/2020-
09/03/2020AMETHYST PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED56407Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Anacapri Limited38310-09/05/2020
09/03/2020ANH Limited60956-09/05/2020
09/03/2020AP HOLDCO LTD.66250Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020APAX X CO-INVESTMENT GP CO. LIMITED66921Annual validation filed on 26/03/2020-
09/03/2020ARABIAN NUBIAN RESOURCES LIMITED54297Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Arcadis Consulting Middle East Limited31444Annual validation filed on 26/03/2020-
09/03/2020Arlino Cruisers Limited9815-09/05/2020
09/03/2020ARMOR LIMITED45280Annual validation filed on 30/04/2020-
09/03/2020Arrow Resources Limited65769Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Ascalon Data Services Limited65956-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Ascalon Energy Services Limited65955-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Ascalon Energy Storage Systems Limited65950-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Ascalon Energy Trading Limited65953-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Ascalon Global Energy Limited65954-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Ascalon Infra Limited65951-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Ascalon RE Limited65952-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Asnoml Company Limited55131Annual validation filed on 21/03/2020-
09/03/2020ASRFI (Guernsey) Limited64665-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Associated Asset Management Group Limited64739-09/05/2020
09/03/2020ASTELLAR LIMITED66483-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Aswan Developments Nominees (Guernsey) Limited63344Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020Atlantic Swiss Sovereign Entertainment (Guernsey) Limited64664-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Aura Resources Ltd.65068-09/05/2020
09/03/2020AVENUE CLINIC LIMITED53859Annual validation filed on 17/03/2020-
09/03/2020Aviator Two IC Limited66335Annual validation filed on 03/07/2020-
09/03/2020Axminster Limited66607-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Azkaba Limited27765Annual validation filed on 21/03/2020-
09/03/2020Aztec Group Limited35264-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Bachmann Holdings Limited24947Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Bailiwick Brewing Services Limited66414 09/05/2020
09/03/2020Balleny Limited27258Annual validation filed on 06/05/2020-
09/03/2020Basilica Limited26039-09/05/2020
09/03/2020BEACH HOLDINGS LIMITED60224Annual validation filed on 01/04/2020-
09/03/2020Beacon Sentinel LBG65606Annual validation filed on 30/04/2020-
09/03/2020BEAU PORT INVESTMENTS LIMITED51486Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Beaucette Wealth Management Limited41226 09/05/2020
09/03/2020Belgrave Business Solutions Limited66413 09/05/2020
09/03/2020BEMISH ROAD LIMITED59420Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020Benham Office Supplies (Guernsey) Limited28507-09/05/2020
09/03/2020BEST BUILDERS LIMITED44560-09/05/2020
09/03/2020BGH LIMITED57217Annual validation filed on 01/04/2020-
09/03/2020BIBI BROTHERS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED43891Annual validation filed on 21/04/2020-
09/03/2020BIELEFELD PROPERTIES LIMITED58579-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Bilfinger Guernsey Limited49743Annual validation filed on 30/03/2020-
09/03/2020BLACK ROCK FITNESS LIMITED60052Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020BLENHEIM CAPITAL HOLDINGS LIMITED45102Annual validation filed on 18/05/2020-
09/03/2020BLENHEIM CAPITAL OVERSEAS LIMITED50917Annual validation filed on 18/05/2020-
09/03/2020BLENHEIM CAPITAL PARTNERS LIMITED45107Annual validation filed on 18/05/2020-
09/03/2020BLIND TIGER LIMITED58289Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020Block Commodities Limited53855Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020BLOSSOM HOLDINGS LIMITED43379-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Blue Sky Air Services Limited65409-09/05/2020
09/03/2020BLUEJET LIMITED46591Annual validation filed on 15/04/2020-
09/03/2020BOLASHAK GUERNSEY PCC LIMITED53592-09/05/2020
09/03/2020BOURNVILLE PROPERTIES LIMITED52033Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020Bourse (Tax and Advisory) Services Limited41794-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Bream Investments Limited20106Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020Brownswood Limited21027Annual validation filed on 17/03/2020-
09/03/2020Bsafe Ltd.62064Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020BURUNDI NICKEL LIMITED56912Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Business Coach C.I. Limited61021Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020C. I. H. Limited5345-09/05/2020
09/03/2020C.I. Distillery Company Limited65714Annual validation filed on 17/04/2020-
09/03/2020C.I. Liquor Company Limited66122Annual validation filed on 17/04/2020-
09/03/2020Cadenza International Limited21294-09/05/2020
09/03/2020CAMBRIDGE PARK CAPITAL LIMITED58594-09/05/2020
09/03/2020CAMBRIDGE PARK HOLDINGS LIMITED58159-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Canivet Webber Financial Services Limited34802Annual validation filed on 27/03/2020-
09/03/2020CannaFi Group Limited66619Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020CARDIFF HOTEL PROPERTIES LIMITED44314Annual validation filed on 06/04/2020-
09/03/2020CAREERS EVENTS LIMITED55312Annual validation filed on 06/05/2020-
09/03/2020Carlyon Bay Freehold Limited62679-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Carmen Capital Management Limited63766-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Casablanca Limited27421-09/05/2020
09/03/2020CD9 Properties (Manchester) Limited62278Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020CDV MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED43064-09/05/2020
09/03/2020CE MINING HOLDING LIMITED60598Annual validation filed on 28/04/2020-
09/03/2020Central Properties Holdings Limited63471Annual validation filed on 28/05/2020-
09/03/2020Channins Hounslow Hotel (Guernsey) Limited40166Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020CHAPLEAU LIMITED56354Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020Charing Property Limited34359Annual validation filed on 17/04/2020-
09/03/2020CHOBE LBG51106-09/05/2020
09/03/2020CHUBEWORKX GUERNSEY LIMITED55801Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020CI Stone Limited64200Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020CLEAN SWEEP HOLDINGS LIMITED58732-09/05/2020
09/03/2020CLEMENSHOF HOLDING LIMITED47076Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020CLEMENSHOF PROPERTY LIMITED47077Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020CLPD GROUP LIMITED59336-09/05/2020
09/03/2020COCKADOODLE LIMITED55445-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Colborne Investments Limited35617Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020Colonial Products and Equipment Limited7279Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020Corrib Investment Limited11347-09/05/2020
09/03/2020CPP Limited39373Annual validation filed on 06/04/2020-
09/03/2020CREW SERVICES PCC LIMITED51690Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020CRICK LIMITED45524-09/05/2020
09/03/2020CROYDON COURT (GUERNSEY) LIMITED48284Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020Crusade Limited63235Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020Custer Limited29077Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Cygnet DHG Limited51934Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020D.J.H CARPENTRY & TILING LTD.64051Annual validation filed on 30/04/2020-
09/03/2020DALEWOOD LIMITED55418Annual validation filed on 22/04/2020-
09/03/2020Dari Capital Limited66277-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Databarracks Limited40662Annual validation filed on 03/04/2020-
09/03/2020DAVID AND SON LIMITED44915-09/05/2020
09/03/2020DAYTONA MARINE LIMITED60128-09/05/2020
09/03/2020DB INVESTMENTS LIMITED55276Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Deise Limited42271-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Delta Sea-Falcon Limited34504Annual validation filed on 19/03/2020-
09/03/2020Diamond Industry Associates Limited41344Annual validation filed on 28/03/2020-
09/03/2020Digital Services Ltd.62375-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Digitomic Ltd.66430Annual Validation filed on 16/6/2020-
09/03/2020Dlunas Estate Limited61385-09/05/2020
09/03/2020DMPK GUERNSEY LIMITED56571-09/05/2020
09/03/2020DOMAINE DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED56545-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Dominion Capital Strategies Limited63978Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020Doutor Investments Limited48225Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020Dove Holdings Limited34574Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Dover Limited31442Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020DTP Limited63091Annual validation filed on 13/05/2020-
09/03/2020Duaij Investments Limited11041Annual validation filed on 06/05/2020-
09/03/2020DUBAI REALTY HOLDINGS LIMITED44678Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020DW ENTERPRISES LIMITED46401-09/05/2020
09/03/2020E W Hotel Limited61239Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020E W Properties Limited61038Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020Eaglelink Investments Limited63212Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Edinburgh Freeholds Limited44047Annual validation filed on 06/04/2020-
09/03/2020EE Capital Limited65031Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020ELEVATIONS LIMITED57643-09/05/2020
09/03/2020ELITE PROPERTIES PCC LIMITED49039Annual validation filed on 30/04/2020-
09/03/2020Elm Hotel Wembley (Guernsey) Limited40695Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020Encore Productions Limited65946Annual validation filed on 24/03/2020-
09/03/2020Engineering Consulting Limited64460Annual validation filed on 30/03/2020-
09/03/2020ePos CI Limited61108Annual validation filed on 11/05/2020-
09/03/2020Equicentric Limited65168Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020Era Properties Limited21119Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020Eskimo Limited62774-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Essence & Co Guernsey International Limited65189Annual validation filed on 20/04/2020-
09/03/2020Euro Belvedere Hotel (Guernsey) Limited48628Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020EURO MED REAL ESTATE LIMITED45124Annual validation filed on 01/05/2020-
09/03/2020Eurohotels International (Guernsey) Limited39418Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020EUROPEAN CARE GLOBAL QHCI LIMITED46684-09/05/2020
09/03/2020EVOLVE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED59584Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020Excelsior Consultants Limited38828Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Executive Solutions Limited54269Annual validation filed on 11/03/2021-
09/03/2020EXETER PROPERTIES LIMITED46832Annual validation filed on 07/04/2020-
09/03/2020Fairfield Wealth Limited63515Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Farboud Properties Limited39901Annual validation filed on 29/04/2020-
09/03/2020FCS (GUERNSEY) LIMITED50231Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Feldspar Holdings Limited61523Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020Filigree Investments Limited61971Annual validation filed on 24/03/2020-
09/03/2020FISH LIMITED59864Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020Five Islands Limited27844-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Flo Connect Ltd.62586Annual validation filed on 06/04/2020-
09/03/2020Forefront Solutions Limited62309Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020FOSSE ANDRE LIMITED49966Annual validation filed on 19/03/2020-
09/03/2020Four Oaks Capital (Guernsey) Limited48143Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Frame Holdings Limited65411-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Fraser Investments Limited32305Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020Freiji Company Limited48932-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Fuel Limited64672Annual validation filed on 17/03/2020-
09/03/2020Fui International Limited63721-09/05/2020
09/03/2020G H Investment Limited58824Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020G Meader Roofing & Property Maintenance Limited60861Annual validation filed on 20/03/2020-
09/03/2020GAMING SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED60232Annual validation filed on 23/03/2020-
09/03/2020GAYA COMPANY LIMITED53734Annual validation filed on 23/03/2020-
09/03/2020Gazcob Limited63870Annual validation filed on 06/05/2020-
09/03/2020Gem Manufacturing Limited21123Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020GENERATION MINING LIMITED56315Annual validation filed on 24/04/2020-
09/03/2020GENERATION RESOURCES LIMITED52378-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Genesis Corporation Limited38711Annual validation filed on 15/04/2020-
09/03/2020GENESIS DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED53159Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020GENESIS REAL ESTATE LIMITED58794 09/05/2020
09/03/2020Gerschni Holdings Limited25137Annual validation filed on 19/03/2020-
09/03/2020GET FIT GUERNSEY LIMITED54880Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020GIFFARD PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED47037Annual validation filed on 30/03/2020-
09/03/2020GILROY COURT (GUERNSEY) LIMITED48285Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020Ginger Land Limited8723Annual validation filed on 09/03/2020-
09/03/2020GMS Guernsey Pension Plans Limited36861Annual validation filed on 23/04/2020-
09/03/2020Gort (Holdings) Limited42552Annual validation filed on 01/04/2020-
09/03/2020GORT PROPERTIES LIMITED50167Annual validation filed on 01/04/2020-
09/03/2020GPA HOLDINGS LIMITED52975-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Grange Protectors Limited61834-09/05/2020
09/03/2020GRANITE MANAGEMENT LIMITED54952Annual validation filed on 11/05/2020-
09/03/2020GRANVILLE INVESTMENTS LIMITED45282Annual validation filed on 30/04/2020-
09/03/2020Grazeley Limited62648-09/05/2020
09/03/2020GREEN HOLDINGS LIMITED56645-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Green Spot Investment Limited17334Annual validation filed on 01/04/2020-
09/03/2020GREENMORE INVESTMENTS LIMITED56839Annual validation filed on 28/04/2020-
09/03/2020Greenspace Holdings Limited46383Annual validation filed on 11/05/2020-
09/03/2020GTL Consultants Limited64782Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020Guernsey Air Services Limited785Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020GUERNSEY AIRTEL LIMITED45232Annual validation filed on 06/04/2020-
09/03/2020GUERNSEY ISLAND AMATEUR ATHLETIC CLUB LBG59164Annual validation filed on 20/03/2020-
09/03/2020GUERNSEY LITERARY FESTIVAL LBG57768Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020GUERNSEY SUNSHINE LIMITED59501Annual validation filed on 16/03/2020-
09/03/2020Gulf Pearl Limited28476Annual validation filed on 17/04/2020-
09/03/2020Gulf-Med Marine Limited24603-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Han Nominees (Guernsey) Limited63314Annual validation filed on 17/04/2020-
09/03/2020HARBALA HOLDINGS LIMITED63719Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020HARMONY INTERNATIONAL ASSETS LIMITED61507Annual validation filed on 12/05/2020-
09/03/2020Hercules Holdings Limited64537-09/05/2020
09/03/2020HERITAGE EBT 1 LIMITED50378-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Heybridge Basin Property Limited66932Annual validation filed on 15/09/2020-
09/03/2020HIDALGO COUNTY LIMITED48839Annual validation filed on 25/03/2020-
09/03/2020HIGH GRADE IRON MINING COMPANY LIMITED57577Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020HIGH QUALITY BAUTIXE MINING COMPANY LIMITED57578Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020HIGH QUALITY PETROLEUM COMPANY LIMITED57576Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Highwire Limited41544Annual validation filed on 21/04/2020-
09/03/2020hiStory Limited66107Annual validation filed on 11/05/2020-
09/03/2020HSBC ALTERNATIVE FOCUSED INVESTMENTS LIMITED55604Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Humany Investments Nominees Limited63328Annual validation filed on 29/04/2020-
09/03/2020IB ROOFING LIMITED57673Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Iberian Holdings Limited40045-09/05/2020
09/03/2020INANNA LIMITED60856Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020Inkiton Limited63155Annual validation filed on 27/05/2020-
09/03/2020Innersdowne Limited3972-09/05/2020
09/03/2020INTELLIGENT HOMES LIMITED43450-09/05/2020
09/03/2020International Marine Radio Company Limited61460Annual validation filed on 04/06/2020-
09/03/2020INVESTMENT PARTNERS (GUERNSEY) LIMITED54206Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020INVESTORS II LIMITED51286Annual validation filed on 04/05/2020-
09/03/2020INVESTORS III LIMITED52634Annual validation filed on 24/04/2020-
09/03/2020INVESTORS IV LIMITED56519Annual validation filed on 24/04/2020-
09/03/2020INVESTORS LIMITED46611Annual validation filed on 04/05/2020-
09/03/2020Investors V Limited65578Annual validation filed on 20/04/2020-
09/03/2020Island Consultants Nominees Limited33214Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Islanders Association LBG65100Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Islanders Charity LBG65097Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020ITA1SV Limited51025-09/05/2020
09/03/2020ITZAN PROPERTY LIMITED45513Annual validation filed on 04/05/2020-
09/03/2020Ivory Limited18744Annual validation filed on 30/04/2020-
09/03/2020J B SERVICES LIMITED58934Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020J. J. Angenent Roses Limited1836--
09/03/2020J.L. Romanillos Ltd.64992Annual validation filed on 30/03/2020-
09/03/2020JEMS TRADE FINANCE GUERNSEY LIMITED56178Annual validation filed on 27/03/2020-
09/03/2020JL Innovation Limited64509Annual validation filed on 17/04/2020-
09/03/2020Joannou & Paraskevaides (Middle East) Limited47597Retained until 09/07/202009/05/2020
09/03/2020JOY'S LIMITED52572Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Joys Technical Services Limited14452Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020JP Jetskis Limited64626Annual validation filed on 27/03/2020-
09/03/2020Jp Limited60890Annual validation filed on 27/03/2020-
09/03/2020JSV Limited38077Annual validation filed on 05/04/2020-
09/03/2020Jumeira Marine Limited39432Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020K J Consulting Ltd.65811Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020Kamber Limited65536-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Kashmir Limited20160Annual validation filed on 24/04/2020-
09/03/2020Ken Properties Limited16725Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020Kerogen Shale Limited61080Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020Kettaneh Construction International Limited14694-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Kevro Trading Limited26905Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Kincardine Holdings Limited62614Annual validation filed on 06/05/2020-
09/03/2020Konstanz Finance Limited61860-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Konstanz Group Limited61859-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Konstanz Originations Limited61861-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Konstanz Security Trustees Limited61862-09/05/2020
09/03/2020La Bergerie Limited40079Annual validation filed on 23/03/2020-
09/03/2020LA TRELADE HOTEL LIMITED52478Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020Laesa Limited24417Annual validation filed on 06/05/2020-
09/03/2020Lam Developments Limited44476Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Largo Enterprises Holdings Limited63321Annual validation filed on 26/03/2020-
09/03/2020Latifa Holdings Limited65775Annual validation filed on 26/03/2020-
09/03/2020LAVENDER DAFFODIL HOLDINGS LIMITED58005Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020LAW DIRECTOR ONE LIMITED48417-09/05/2020
09/03/2020LAW DIRECTOR TWO LIMITED48418-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Law Transitions Limited36264-09/05/2020
09/03/2020LE MONT SAINT (GUERNSEY) LIMITED46654Annual validation filed on 06/05/2020-
09/03/2020Leeshore Limited11587-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Legacy Holdings Limited67100Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020Les Maresquets Limited33979-09/05/2020
09/03/2020LES PAGES LIMITED52983Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Les Pres de Jerbourg Limited38257Annual validation filed on 29/03/2020-
09/03/2020LES PRES LIMITED43420-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Leyton High Road Limited64289-09/05/2020
09/03/2020LHF HOLDINGS LIMITED60831Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020Lilevar Limited822-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Lion's Den 2 Ltd.64900-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Lombard Holdings Limited61824-09/05/2020
09/03/2020London Crescent Limited54904Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020London Offshore Consultants (Guernsey) Limited26332Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020Long Fennel Limited63599-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Lordship Limited66993Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Lyndene Ltd.64737-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Lyons Limited35743Annual validation filed on 24/03/2020-
09/03/2020M & J Limited65623Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020M.K. Property Limited39974-09/05/2020
09/03/2020MAD CO LTD.57995Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020MADIHAN LIMITED56997Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020MAGIC PROPERTIES LIMITED53124Annual validation filed on 25/03/2020-
09/03/2020Mammoth Properties Limited59716Annual validation filed on 29/04/2020-
09/03/2020MARK DAVIES & ASSOCIATES (OFFSHORE) LIMITED51744Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020Mark Frampton & Company Limited38791Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Marshall Management Corporation Limited64461Annual validation filed on 01/05/2020-
09/03/2020Martin Yabsley Elite Fitness Ltd.58635Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020MAX FINANCE LIMITED57751Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Maymouna Limited64459Annual validation filed on 23/03/2020-
09/03/2020MAYWINDS MARINE LIMITED46461Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Mazotte Investments Limited35555Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020Meadow Properties Limited34902Annual validation filed on 13/03/2020-
09/03/2020Mecklijay Limited36053-09/05/2020
09/03/2020MENA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED42896-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Mersea Limited20459-09/05/2020
09/03/2020METROPOLIS PROPERTY LIMITED57256-09/05/2020
09/03/2020MHH DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED57128-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Midmede Management (Guernsey) Limited62012-09/05/2020
09/03/2020MINISTROS PROPERTIES LIMITED56904-09/05/2020
09/03/2020MOLECULE LIMITED59257Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020Monique Limited39829Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020MONTGOLD CAPITAL LIMITED51101Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Montpellier Limited14021Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Montrachet Investments Limited11948Annual validation filed on 13/03/2020-
09/03/2020Moorefield Properties Limited37688-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Morganite Limited18988Annual validation filed on 30/04/2020-
09/03/2020MRU SPECTRUM Limited63231Annual validation filed on 27/03/2020-
09/03/2020MSS 3 Limited61017Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020MSS Property Fund Management Limited38980Annual validation filed on 22/03/2020-
09/03/2020MUBEN HOLDINGS LIMITED46690Annual validation filed on 20/03/2020-
09/03/2020Muben Investments Limited26334Annual validation filed on 20/03/2020-
09/03/2020MUSWELL LIMITED57254Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020My Student Events Limited64047Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020N I PROPERTIES LIMITED47039Annual validation filed on 03/04/2020-
09/03/2020Nafylla Limited43167Annual validation filed on 30/04/2020-
09/03/2020NARMO CAPITAL HOLDINGS LIMITED60785Annual validation filed on 30/03/2020-
09/03/2020NARMO INVESTMENTS LIMITED52034Annual validation filed on 30/03/2020-
09/03/2020Narrow Mine Properties Limited19972Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020NATALY S CREW IC LIMITED57635Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Navigator Guernsey GP Limited58971Annual validation filed on 02/04/2020-
09/03/2020NAVIGATOR PCC LIMITED58786Annual validation filed on 02/04/2020-
09/03/2020NECHTAN INVESTMENTS LIMITED44855Annual validation filed on 08/04/2020-
09/03/2020NEENAM LIMITED43802Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020New Bayland Investments Limited52850Annual validation filed on 27/03/2020-
09/03/2020New Frontier Luxembourg Limited61887-09/05/2020
09/03/2020NORTH END LIMITED57854-09/05/2020
09/03/2020North Sea Holdings Limited63210-09/05/2020
09/03/2020North West House One Guernsey PTC Limited64492Annual validation filed on 28/04/2020-
09/03/2020North West House Two Guernsey PTC Limited64493Annual validation filed on 28/04/2020-
09/03/2020Northern Motor Works Limited19138Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020NU HOLDINGS LIMITED56018Annual validation filed on 01/04/2020-
09/03/2020O.B. Limited16922Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020ODASCO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED47219-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Offshore Sport Horses Ltd.64673Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Ogier Global (Guernsey) Limited63501Annual validation filed on 17/03/2020-
09/03/2020OIKIA DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED47197-09/05/2020
09/03/2020OIL SHALE DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED52068Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020OJJ Limited64948Annual validation filed on 23/03/2020-
09/03/2020OLIVIA SPRING LIMITED45517Annual validation filed on 02/04/2020-
09/03/2020OMICRON LIMITED43949Annual validation filed on 06/05/2020-
09/03/2020ON LINE MANAGEMENT LIMITED51384Annual validation filed on 05/05/2020-
09/03/2020One Tree Investments Limited21132Annual validation filed on 01/04/2020-
09/03/2020Open and Global Investments Limited29325-09/05/2020
09/03/2020OPEN SANDS PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED58046Annual validation filed on 06/05/2020-
09/03/2020ORANGE GROVE DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED60579Annual validation filed on 29/04/2020-
09/03/2020Orchard Ventures PTC Limited65689Annual validation filed on 26/03/2020-
09/03/2020Orosi Group Limited66151Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Paint Evolution Limited66282Annual validation filed on 24/04/2020-
09/03/2020Pan Shine Holdings Limited64240-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Papagaio Investments Limited64888Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020PAPILLON PROPERTIES LIMITED45669Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Parcel Properties Limited62878Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020PARK STREET LIMITED58434Annual validation filed on 26/03/2020-
09/03/2020Patrick Enterprises Limited38903Annual validation filed on 11/05/2020-
09/03/2020PEARSON HOLDINGS (GUERNSEY) LIMITED57629Annual validation filed on 30/04/2020-
09/03/2020Peckham Property Holdings Limited61708Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020Penvale Lakes and Fisheries Limited66721Annual validation filed on 15/09/2020-
09/03/2020PETIT BOT LIMITED52583-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Petit Port Nominees Limited29252-09/05/2020
09/03/2020PEVENSEY LIMITED44045Annual validation filed on 08/04/2020-
09/03/2020Phoenix Tumbling and Gymnastics Ltd.65532Annual validation filed on 29/04/2020-
09/03/2020PINNACLE DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED52582Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020PINTA HOLDINGS LIMITED57302Annual validation filed on 01/04/2020-
09/03/2020Pipe Works Limited62335Annual validation filed on 18/05/2020-
09/03/2020PLANECO LIMITED49809-09/05/2020
09/03/2020PLATINUM ST JAMES LIMITED46562-09/05/2020
09/03/2020PLOUGH INN 2015 LIMITED60676Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020Podgers Limited48594Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020Poole Investments Limited65582-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Port Investment Company Limited38904-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Power & Water Alliance Ltd.65401Annual validation filed on 09/03/2020-
09/03/2020Prelude Property Limited38739Annual validation filed on 27/03/2020-
09/03/2020PRESCOT STREET PROPERTY LIMITED60305Annual validation filed on 29/04/2020-
09/03/2020Prime Paving Limited62131Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020Priory Healthcare Group (Middle East) Limited30895Annual validation filed on 30/04/2020-
09/03/2020Private Blue Yachting Company Limited62180Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Propane Holdings Limited3615Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020Prosperous Jewel Property Management Limited63717Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020Protected Transport Systems Limited46901Annual validation filed on 04/05/2020-
09/03/2020PTS Limited64866Annual validation filed on 06/04/2020-
09/03/2020PW Property Limited65063Annual validation filed on 13/03/2020-
09/03/2020PWS Ltd.65557Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020Q8 PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LIMITED60370Annual validation filed on 21/03/2020-
09/03/2020Qamar Investments Limited61924-09/05/2020
09/03/2020QTR PROPERTY LIMITED53834Annual validation filed on 24/04/2020-
09/03/2020Qualpro Limited25330Annual validation filed on 29/04/2020-
09/03/2020Quantum-Med Marine Limited21545-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Quartet Partners Limited65211-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Queens Euro Hotels (Guernsey) Limited40090Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020R. A. Rossborough (Guernsey) Limited2873Annual validation filed on 27/03/2020-
09/03/2020Rainbow Cleaning Limited63303Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020RAMPTON LIMITED54851Annual validation filed on 27/03/2020-
09/03/2020Ramsvik Limited23439-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Rapid Solutions International Limited51857Annual validation filed on 14/04/2020-
09/03/2020RAYYAN LIMITED51180Annual validation filed on 29/04/2020-
09/03/2020RBS Employment (Guernsey) Limited40387Annual validation filed on 20/03/2020-
09/03/2020RC Trading Limited65212-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Red Kite Partners Limited61806Annual validation filed on 13/05/2020-
09/03/2020Red Onion Limited64427Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020REDWHITE LIMITED53664Annual validation filed on 01/05/2020-
09/03/2020Regan Limited42268-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Regents Park Investment (Chester) Ltd.56805-09/05/2020
09/03/2020RGO No.1 Limited65696Annual validation filed on 12/03/202009/05/2020
09/03/2020RHENO PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED54622Annual validation filed on 06/05/2020-
09/03/2020RIDGELINE ROOFING LTD.59873Annual validation filed on 28/04/2020-
09/03/2020RISE INVESTMENTS LIMITED60747Annual validation filed on 23/03/2020-
09/03/2020RIVERSIDE CREW SERVICES LIMITED51219Annual validation filed on 23/04/2020-
09/03/2020RMK39 Crew IC Limited66832Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020Rockingham Design Limited61047--
09/03/2020Rockrose Investments Limited66394Annual validation filed on 01/04/2020-
09/03/2020Rohais Manor Limited22969-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Rose Group Limited44527Annual validation filed on 06/04/2020-
09/03/2020Rossborough Healthcare International Limited31593Annual validation filed on 06/04/2020-
09/03/2020ROTORSWING UK LIMITED56350Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020Royale Park Home Estates Ltd.61410-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Rubellite Limited19281Annual validation filed on 30/04/2020-
09/03/2020RunApparel Guernsey Ltd.64633-09/05/2020
09/03/2020RUSH HOLDINGS LIMITED60502Annual validation filed on 29/04/2020-
09/03/2020Russel Limited6125Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020SABISTA MARINE LIMITED59554Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Safe-T-First Limited43121Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020Sagotom Limited37693-09/05/2020
09/03/2020SAMA HOLDING COMPANY LIMITED51880Annual validation filed on 21/03/2020-
09/03/2020Sarbut Properties Limited41710Annual validation filed on 06/04/2020-
09/03/2020Sausmarez Place Limited20983Annual validation filed on 13/03/2020-
09/03/2020Savant International Limited60801Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020SB Hotel (Guernsey) Limited40388Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020SBM FRAM LIMITED55871Annual validation filed on 30/04/2020-
09/03/2020SCOTTISH WELSH INVESTMENTS LIMITED45429Annual validation filed on 07/04/2020-
09/03/2020SEAB ENERGY HOLDINGS LIMITED51533-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Sec-Trans Services Limited21137Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020Selbourne Investments Limited61954-09/05/2020
09/03/2020SELBY LIMITED58051Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020Select Finance Investments Limited61909Annual Validation filed on 04/06/2020-
09/03/2020Sentalus Limited63972-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Sequent (Guernsey) Limited2154Annual validation filed on 09/03/2020-
09/03/2020Shadaco Limited28685-09/05/2020
09/03/2020SHAIKHA LIMITED49032Annual validation filed on 21/03/2020-
09/03/2020SHARPE INVESTMENTS PCC LIMITED55001Retained at the request of a third party - legal proceedings09/05/2020
09/03/2020SI LA PAO Asset Management Limited62892-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Silverback Sunglasses Limited62393Annual validation filed on 17/04/2020-
09/03/2020Sintra Limited11517Annual validation filed on 13/03/2020-
09/03/2020SJ BARS LIMITED50729-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Skyle One Limited62621Annual validation filed on 23/03/2020-
09/03/2020SLOUGH INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED60834Annual Validation filed on 22/07/2020-
09/03/2020Snowman Limited by Guarantee.40853-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Sonateta Ltd27852Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020Sounds Like Me Limited62721-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Source Holdings Limited66315Annual validation filed on 11/05/2020-
09/03/2020Spa De La Mare Limited10211Annual validation filed on 16/03/2020-
09/03/2020Spurway Limited63254Annual validation filed on 21/03/2020-
09/03/2020St Leonards Property Limited65423Annual validation filed on 13/03/2020-
09/03/2020St. Martins Lawn Tennis Club Limited27560Annual validation filed on 24/04/2020-
09/03/2020STENHAM JAPAN PROPERTY PORTFOLIO LIMITED46294Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020Stoneworks Developments Ltd.64136Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020Stoneworks Limited62082Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020STRATOS HOLDINGS LIMITED58734Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020Stylist's Own Limited63687Annual validation filed on 30/09/2020-
09/03/2020Styx Centre63622Annual validation filed on 19/03/2020-
09/03/2020SUAD & REEM PROPERTY COMPANY LIMITED51573Annual validation filed on 17/03/2020-
09/03/2020Sun Yachts Brokerage Limited66073Annual validation filed on 14/10/2020-
09/03/2020SUNDANCE INVESTMENTS LIMITED58582-09/05/2020
09/03/2020SUSS'DIT LIMITED62879Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020Suzie Ltd.65808Annual validation filed on 03/04/2020-
09/03/2020SW PROPERTY LIMITED59242-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Taiba Investments Nominees Limited63327Annual validation filed on 29/04/2020-
09/03/2020TAIBA PROPERTY LIMITED54918Annual validation filed on 30/03/2020-
09/03/2020TAP LBG63963-09/05/2020
09/03/2020TEC Services Limited64917Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020Tech-Zone Limited64312Annual validation filed on 29/04/2020-
09/03/2020Temple Estates Limited14405Annual validation filed on 18/03/2020-
09/03/2020TG CONSULTANTS LIMITED58901Annual validation filed on 01/04/2020-
09/03/2020TG Training (2018) Limited64802Annual validation filed on 12/03/2020-
09/03/2020The Chinese Gourmet (2008) Limited48355Annual validation filed on 25/03/2020-
09/03/2020The Collective (CI) Limited65835Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020THE FINANCE SECTOR NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR FORUM LBG56045Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020The Good Life Limited63080Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020THE GOWER GROUP Limited41305Annual validation filed on 25/03/202009/05/2020
09/03/2020The Grove Clinic LBG64910Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020The Juggling King Rum Company Limited65680Annual validation filed on 23/04/2020-
09/03/2020The Jungle Limited35938 09/05/2020
09/03/2020The Keir Company Limited25711Annual validation filed on 15/04/2020-
09/03/2020The Little Land Company Limited64451Annual validation filed on 20/03/2020-
09/03/2020The Market Pub Limited60963Annual validation filed on 29/05/2020-
09/03/2020The Northern Property Investment Company Limited41457Annual validation filed on 23/03/2020-
09/03/2020The Raw Store Ltd.66142Annual validation filed on 25/08/2020-
09/03/2020THE YACHT HOTEL (2012) LIMITED55253--
09/03/2020Thomas Hotels Limited5392--
09/03/2020Thunderer Limited61210Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020Tidewater Crewing Guernsey Ltd.38234Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Timney Fowler Ltd.65400Annual validation filed on 09/03/2020-
09/03/2020Titanate Limited19285Annual validation filed on 30/04/2020-
09/03/2020TJB Limited58472Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020TJS HOLDINGS LIMITED57408Annual validation filed on 16/03/2020-
09/03/2020Toad Hall Properties Limited33782Annual validation filed on 30/04/2020-
09/03/2020TOPLAND LIMITED54448Annual validation filed on 01/05/2020-
09/03/2020Totti Industries Limited63604-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Trafalgar Software Solutions Limited23756Annual validation filed on 28/07/2020-
09/03/2020Transairways Limited6041Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020TRELADE LIMITED52479-09/05/2020
09/03/2020TRIDENT FUND SERVICES (GUERNSEY) LIMITED44084Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Trigger Limited62229Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020TRUCHOT PCC LIMITED48368Annual validation filed on 18/03/2020-
09/03/2020TS Holdings Limited61247-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Tullow Oil (Mauritania) Ltd33959Annual validation filed on 22/04/2020-
09/03/2020Tullow Oil Holdings (Guernsey) Limited33942Annual validation filed on 22/04/2020-
09/03/2020Tynwald Limited62152Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020UbiCap Group Holdings Limited65217-09/05/2020
09/03/2020UBICAP GROUP LIMITED53019Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax and third party - legal proceedings09/05/2020
09/03/2020UbiCap International Limited65065--
09/03/2020UbiCap Privé Limited51159-09/05/2020
09/03/2020UbiCap Wealth PCC Limited64080-09/05/2020
09/03/2020UNAP Limited65517Annual validation filed on 30/03/2020-
09/03/2020UNIT 58A HOLDINGS LIMITED54598-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Unlimited Limited35884Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020UP Limited66046Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020VALA LIMITED58752Annual validation filed on 29/03/2020-
09/03/2020Vantage Limited50043-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Vauville Limited30382Annual validation filed on 30/03/2020-
09/03/2020Vazon Bay Limited66154 09/05/2020
09/03/2020VazonVision Limited37815Annual validation filed on 18/03/2020-
09/03/2020Vedi Limited63248Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020Verto Holding Limited20321Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020Victoria Road Properties Limited48131-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Victory Island GP Limited66798-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Vine House Limited33046-09/05/2020
09/03/2020VISTA TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED49786Annual validation filed on 23/04/2020-
09/03/2020Vita Perpetua Ltd.66071Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax09/05/2020
09/03/2020WAHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED64721Annual validation filed on 07/04/2020-
09/03/2020WALNUT LIMITED55167-09/05/2020
09/03/2020WALTON PROPERTIES LIMITED56907-09/05/2020
09/03/2020WALWORTH ROAD LIMITED60459Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020Wayfarers World Travel Limited4188Annual validation filed on 11/05/2020-
09/03/2020WEBTEL.MOBI (HOLDINGS) LIMITED50866Annual validation filed on 20/04/2020-
09/03/2020WEBTEL.MOBI LIMITED50775Annual validation filed on 20/04/2020-
09/03/2020WEGBERG HOLDING LIMITED45868Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020WEGBERG PROPERTY LIMITED45869Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020WESTLAND PROPERTIES LIMITED55972Annual validation filed on 01/05/2020-
09/03/2020Westpoint Investments Limited64402-09/05/2020
09/03/2020WHITE HERON LIMITED49328Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020WHITE ROCK GROUP LIMITED56707Annual validation filed on 16/03/2021-
09/03/2020Wings Ltd.62193-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Woodhouse Holdings Limited61836-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Yans Enterprises (H.K.) Limited18070Annual validation filed on 21/04/2020-
09/03/2020Yello Media (Guernsey) Limited64180Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020YHT & Company Limited16305Annual validation filed on 05/05/2020-
09/03/2020YOCO LIMITED53817Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020YOOKOS GUERNSEY LIMITED54020-09/05/2020
09/03/2020YOOKOS IP HOLDCO LIMITED54025-09/05/2020
09/03/2020YOOKOS OPERATINGCO LIMITED54026-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Yummi Limited64399-09/05/2020
09/03/2020ZANE HOLDINGS LIMITED56043Annual validation filed on 10/03/2020-
09/03/2020ZAYONA PROPERTY LIMITED53108Annual validation filed on 07/05/2020-
09/03/2020Zazu Limited62925-09/05/2020
09/03/2020Zeus Holdings Limited64855Annual validation filed on 31/03/2020-
09/03/2020ZION LIMITED57549Annual validation filed on 11/03/2020-
09/03/2020Zozma Investments Limited30291-09/05/2020

Companies listed for strike off for failure to file an annual validation in 2020

Unless cause is shown to the contrary (the company submits its annual validation or evidence is shown to the Registrar that the company is party to legal proceedings), companies listed for strike off will be struck from the register and dissolved, on a date following the expiration of the statutory 2 months' notice period.

Date of publicationCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry date
11/06/2020Capital Finance (Guernsey) Limited63110-11/08/2020
11/06/2020George Raymond Developments Limited32415-11/08/2020
11/06/2020Slappie Limited63741-11/08/2020
11/06/2020Channel Island Finance Limited66557Annual validation filed on 25/06/2020-
11/06/2020Niriel Properties Limited51453-11/08/2020
11/06/2020The Ombra Group Limited64862-11/08/2020
16/06/2020Talisman Granular Holdings Limited62392-16/08/2020