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Local Engagement

The Guernsey Registry works with a variety of important stakeholders to ensure it effectively carries out its functions.

Regular industry liaison

We work closely with local businesses to assist them in accessing Registry services, including the provision of guidance notes, industry updates and newsletters, and face to face meetings.

Industry groups and bodies

We also work closely with various local industry groups and bodies, including:

-  Guernsey International Business Association (GIBA)- 

Guernsey Association of Trustees (GAT) -

The Association of Guernsey Charities (AGC) -

Guernsey Community Foundation -

Other Guernsey Agencies

The Guernsey Registry is an important part of the Guernsey infrastructure and works closely with a variety of other agencies, including:

-  Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC) -

-  Guernsey Law Enforcement -

-  Guernsey Financial Intelligence Unit -