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Registration of Foundation Officials

The foundation officials are the persons who will act either as a councillor or a guardian. They can be a body corporate or a natural person.

The Registrar requires that these persons have first registered with the Guernsey Registry in order that a unique identity number can be allocated.

Where a body corporate will be acting, those bodies corporate already incorporated or registered in Guernsey under either the Companies Law or Limited Partnerships Law need take no further action, as the registration number allocated to them will be utilised for these foundation purposes. For those bodies corporate registered overseas (and not already on our in-house register) it will be necessary to complete a submission via the Online Services Portal. The Registry will then allocate a number which will then be issued to the body corporate.

For natural persons, if you have already registered with the Guernsey Registry to act as a director, under the Companies Law, you need take no further action as the number previously allocated to you will be used for these foundation purposes. If you have not registered with the Guernsey Registry before as a person/director, please complete the Person/Director registration form below and return to the Guernsey Registry by post, email or in person. The Registry will then add the person to our in-house person register and allocate a number which will then be issued to the person.

Please see the guidance note below on the information required by the Registry for Person/Director registrations.

There is no fee charged for these person registrations.

Please note:

A person who is appointed as a Councillor CANNOT also be appointed as a Guardian and vice versa

It will be necessary for the foundation official registrations to have taken place before the person/body corporate can be linked to a foundation.

Document downloads

Person Registration Guidance

Person Registration Guidance