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Welcome to the Guernsey Registry website.

This site provides information on the various registers maintained by the Registry as required under Guernsey legislation.

In addition, this site publishes notices in accordance with the Companies (Guernsey) Law 2008 and provides guidance notes on the administration of limited companies and limited partnerships, foundations, limited liability partnerships, Guernsey Finance funding submissions, recognised auditor registrations and using the online services portal.

Annual Validation guidance

Guidance and further information on filing the Company annual validation can be found here:

Guidance and further information on filing the charity annual validation can be found here:


Limited Partnerships (LPs), Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) and Foundations are required under Law to file an Annual Validation (AV). This notice is to advise that the filing period for these AVs has been brought forward to the 1st to 31st March 2024.

Why change the AV filing date to March 2024?

Following recent changes to the commercial laws at the end of 2023, the Registrar is required to undertake a verification exercise on all legal persons to ensure that they are complying with the legal requirements of the commercial Laws. To mitigate the necessity of filers providing this information to the Registrar twice (once now and then again in June when filing their AV), following discussion with industry representatives, it has been concluded that the most appropriate position is to move the AV filing date forward to March 2024.  

What period does the AV cover?

The AV must contain the details of the entity as at the last day of February 2024. 

Can I start to complete the AV in advance of the March filing date?

The AV forms will be made available for drafting imminently, and will be accessed in the same way that company and charity AV forms are accessed within your portal account.  For corporate service provider groups you will be able to automatically access the AV forms for any entities you are responsible for administering.

For those not administered by a corporate service provider you will need to complete an authorised filer form for each individual entity.  A template authorised filer confirmation is available here pdf icon Authorised Filer Declaration [99kb], this document will need to be signed and uploaded with the authorised filer submission.

The below links provide information on the questions contained on the AV forms.  Please note: there are changes to the question sets compared to previous AV periods.  The AV fees have not changed.

Limited Partnership AV pdf icon LP AV Questions [504kb]

Limited Liability Partnership AV pdf icon LLP AV Questions [504kb]

Foundation AV pdf icon Foundation AV Questions [501kb]

Will the AV filing date change to March each year?

Yes, the AV filing date for LPs, LLPs and Foundations will be March ongoing.

New Online Portal Available

The new online portal is now available. The portal contains the company, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, foundation and charity/NPO registers. You can use the portal to search the registers and make submissions to the Registry. 

To use the service you will need to:

1. Reset your  password (except charity users). You can do this by clicking on the Online Services Portal button on the right hand side of this page and clicking 'forgot password' on the login page. Full guidance on logging into the new system is available in this documentpdf icon Introduction to the Online Portal [5Mb]

2. Set up multi-factor authentication. Guidance on setting up multi-factor authentication is available in this documentpdf icon Introduction to the Online Portal [5Mb]

3. Become an authorised filer (except for CSPs and regulated presenters). Guidance on becoming an authorised filer is available on theAuthorised Filer & Nominated Person page.

4. Resident Agents Only (except for CSPs): Submit a nominated person form in order to file beneficial ownership filings specifically. Guidance on becoming a nominated person is available on theAuthorised Filer & Nominated Person page

Full details of all of the changes associated with the new portal are available on the Introduction to the Online Services Portal page. 

The Guernsey Registry recognises that this is a significant change and that it may be challenging and are keen to help support our users as we make this transition. For help with the new portal and making submissions the Registry phone lines and office is open 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday. If you visit the Registry offices please bring a smartphone, laptop or tablet with you so that you can access your email account for multi-factor authentication. 

We welcome feedback on the new portal so that we can continue to improve it over the coming months, you can provide feedback using this Feedback Form.

We will be sending out communications in the lead up to the transition, these will come from this email address "". Please be assured that this is a genuine email from the Guernsey Registry and is not spam. 

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