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Accountants & Non-locally Qualified Legal Professionals - Professional Qualifications

Notification requirements

The Criminal Justice (Proceeds of Crime) (Bailiwick of Guernsey) (Professional Qualifications—Accountants and Non-Locally Qualified Legal Professionals) Regulations, 2024

The Administrator of Accountants and Non-Locally Qualified Legal Professionals (the "Administrator") anticipates that compliance with the requirements of the Regulations will  be achieved at the point of accountancy businesses and legal services business employing accountants and non-locally qualified legal  professionals and then in line with the respective businesses appraisal processes.

The Administrator requires the declarations of compliance with the Regulations by the accountancy businesses and legal services businesses to be made by the 31 December 2024 and then requires annual declarations of compliance by the 31 December in each subsequent year.

Guidance on the notification requirements can be found here pdf icon Professional Qualifications Guidance [190kb]


Notification form

Notifications are made via an online form which can be found through the below link:

Professional Qualifications Questionnaire


If your require any further information please contact the Registry on 01481 222800 or