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Disqualified Directors

The following table includes details of company directors who have been disqualified by the Court.

Copies of the judgements can be obtained from the Royal Court.

N.B The Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 (Amendment) Ordinance, 2015 allows any person subject to a disqualification to apply to the Court for an order stating that the restriction/prohibition on them being appointed or holding office as a director shall not apply. In determining any application the Court will have regard to, amongst other things, whether the proceedings which resulted in the disqualification (in the jurisdiction outside of Guernsey) complied with the requirements of natural justice and were in accordance with the Human Rights (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2000.

Date of disqualificationApplicant for disqualificationName of disqualified directorPeriod of disqualificationEnd of disqualification period
21.04.2011HM ProcureurPaul Nigel Curson14 years25.3.2025
16.09.2011Guernsey Financial Services CommissionJustin Krzystof Josef Nicpon15 years16.09.2026
07.02.2012Guernsey Financial Services CommissionRoger Walter Francis Taylor13 years07.02.2025
10.03.2017Guernsey Financial Services CommissionAdrian Lee Galliers12 years10.03.2029
03.05.2017Guernsey Financial Services CommissionMichael Joseph Peter Doyle15 years03.05.2032
03.05.2017Guernsey Financial Services CommissionBelinda Lanyon15 years03.05.2032
15.12.2020Guernsey Financial Services CommissionPeter Edward Dawson-Ball12 years15.12.2032
05.05.2023Registrar of CompaniesRoss Stuart Gledhill8 years01.06.2031