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Winding up

Please note: These guidance notes are not intended to be definitive legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. The interpretation of legislation is a matter on which the Guernsey Registry cannot advise and entities/individuals need to form their own independent view on compliance with the legislation. Independent legal advice is advised where there is any uncertainty.

A limited liability partnership (LLP) can commence winding up when one of the following events occurs:

-  An event specified in the members agreement

-  The written agreement of all members of the LLP that it should be wound up

-  The making of an order by the Court.

More detailed information relating to these winding up events is available in the winding up guidance note below.

Once it has been agreed that an LLP is to be wound up, notification must be sent to the Registry using the 'LLP - Notification of Winding Up' form on the Online Services Portal. Once this form has been received, the Registrar will publish a notice detailing the date the winding up commenced, the winding up event and the name of the person(s) conducting the winding up.

When the winding up process has been completed, another notification must be sent to the Registry using the 'LLP - Notification of Completion of Winding Up' form on the Online Services Portal On receipt of this notice the Registry will publish a notice for 3 months stating that the LLP has been dissolved.

LLP winding up submissions are made via the Online Services Portal. Payment of the filing fee can be made by Registry credit account or credit/debit card. 

Winding up LLP
pdf icon LLP winding up - guidance [376kb]Detailed guidance on LLP winding up including information on winding up events and submissions to the Registry