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Documents to be retained at the registered office address

Guernsey legislation requires Limited Companies, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships and Foundations to keep certain documents at their registered office address.

These documents may also need to be available for inspection (by certain individuals) during ordinary business hours.

The table below provides a brief summary of the documents (either the original or copies of documents) that should be retained at the registered office address. Information regarding the level of detail required for each entity can be found in the document available to download below.  

Limited CompaniesLimited Partnerships         Limited Liability Partnerships             Foundations      

Register of members

- incl share details if the company has share capital

The Partnership AgreementRegister of membersThe Constitution
Register of Guarantee members (if applicable)Register of all limited partnersName of the resident agent (if any)Accounting records
Register of DirectorsCapital account of all limited partnersMember agreementAll other documents filed with the Registry
Details of the beneficial ownersAccounting recordsAccounting records 
Minutes of director meetings - if not kept in Guernsey a copy must be kept at the registered office OR such other place as the directors think fitMinutes of all meetings of the general partnerMinutes of all meetings of members 
Register of secretariesThe GP DeclarationIncorporation statement 
The items detailed below also need to be kept by the company but they do not necessarily have to be kept at the registered office. However, in view of the fact that they may need to be available for inspection it is suggested that they are also kept at the registered office.All other documents filed with the RegistryAll other documents filed with the Registry 
All resolutions of members   
Records of any decisions made by a sole member that would ordinarily be taken at a general meeting   
Minutes of all proceedings of a general meeting   
Accounting records   
Annual validation submissions   
Name of the resident agent