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Struck off - Failure to file Annual Validation - 2020

The strike off list in this section gives details of companies who failed to comply with Section 234 or 235 of the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 and file an Annual Validation submission by the last day of February. The companies listed on this page have now been struck from the Register.

Companies struck off on 12 May 2020 for failure to file an annual validation

The below companies were struck from the register on 12 May 2020 for failure to file an annual validation in 2020.

Date of PublicationCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date
12/05/202036 CORNWALL TERRACE MEWS LIMITED59918Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020ABERFELDY STREET LIMITED58302Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Alderton Limited63220Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Alphabet Limited38805Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Anacapri Limited38310Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020ANH Limited60956Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Arlino Cruisers Limited9815Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020ASRFI (Guernsey) Limited64665Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Associated Asset Management Group Limited64739Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Atlantic Swiss Sovereign Entertainment (Guernsey) Limited64664Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Aztec Group Limited35264Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Basilica Limited26039Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Benham Office Supplies (Guernsey) Limited28507Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020BIELEFELD PROPERTIES LIMITED58579Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020BLENHEIM CAPITAL CONSULTING LIMITED50872Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020BLOSSOM HOLDINGS LIMITED43379Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Blue Sky Air Services Limited65409Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020BOLASHAK GUERNSEY PCC LIMITED53592Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Bourse (Tax and Advisory) Services Limited41794Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Cadenza International Limited21294Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Carlyon Bay Freehold Limited62679Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Carmen Capital Management Limited63766Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Casablanca Limited27421Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020CDV MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED43064Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020CHOBE LBG51106Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020CLPD GROUP LIMITED59336Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020COLLINGWOOD INVESTMENT HOLDINGS LIMITED54706Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Corrib Investment Limited11347Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020CRICK LIMITED45524Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020DAVID AND SON LIMITED44915Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020DAYTONA MARINE LIMITED60128Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Deise Limited42271Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Digital Services Ltd.62375Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Dlunas Estate Limited61385Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020DMPK GUERNSEY LIMITED56571Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020DOMAINE DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED56545Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020DW ENTERPRISES LIMITED46401Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020ELEVATIONS LIMITED57643Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020EUROPEAN CARE GLOBAL QHCI LIMITED46684Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Five Islands Limited27844Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Freiji Company Limited48932Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Fui International Limited63721Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020GENERATION RESOURCES LIMITED52378Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020GPA HOLDINGS LIMITED52975Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Grange Protectors Limited61834Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Grazeley Limited62648Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020GREEN HOLDINGS LIMITED56645Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Gulf-Med Marine Limited24603Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Hercules Holdings Limited64537Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020HERITAGE EBT 1 LIMITED50378Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Iberian Holdings Limited40045Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Innersdowne Limited3972Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020INTELLIGENT HOMES LIMITED43450Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020ITA1SV Limited51025Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Kamber Limited65536Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Kettaneh Construction International Limited14694Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Konstanz Finance Limited61860Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Konstanz Group Limited61859Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Konstanz Originations Limited61861Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Konstanz Security Trustees Limited61862Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020LANGOUSTINE YACHT COMPANY LIMITED50907Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020LAW DIRECTOR ONE LIMITED48417Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020LAW DIRECTOR TWO LIMITED48418Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Law Transitions Limited36264Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Leeshore Limited11587Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Les Maresquets Limited33979Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020LES PRES LIMITED43420Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Leyton High Road Limited64289Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Lilevar Limited822Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Lion's Den 2 Ltd.64900Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Lombard Holdings Limited61824Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Long Fennel Limited63599Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Lyndene Ltd.64737Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020M.K. Property Limited39974Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Mecklijay Limited36053Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020MENA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED42896Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Mersea Limited20459Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020METROPOLIS PROPERTY LIMITED57256Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020MHH DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED57128Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Midmede Management (Guernsey) Limited62012Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020MINISTROS PROPERTIES LIMITED56904Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Moorefield Properties Limited37688Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020New Frontier Luxembourg Limited61887Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020NORTH END LIMITED57854Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020North Sea Holdings Limited63210Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020ODASCO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED47219Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020OIKIA DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED47197Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020OLD PARK CAPITAL INVESTMENT MANAGERS LIMITED50331Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Open and Global Investments Limited29325Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Pan Shine Holdings Limited64240Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020PETIT BOT LIMITED52583Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Petit Port Nominees Limited29252Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020PLATINUM ST JAMES LIMITED46562Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Poole Investments Limited65582Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Port Investment Company Limited38904Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Qamar Investments Limited61924Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Quartet Partners Limited65211Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Ramsvik Limited23439Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020RC Trading Limited65212Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Regan Limited42268Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Regents Park Investment (Chester) Ltd.56805Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Rohais Manor Limited22969Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Royale Park Home Estates Ltd.61410Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020RunApparel Guernsey Ltd.64633Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Sagotom Limited37693Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020SEAB ENERGY HOLDINGS LIMITED51533Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Selbourne Investments Limited61954Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Sentalus Limited63972Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Shadaco Limited28685Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020SI LA PAO Asset Management Limited62892Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Snowman Limited by Guarantee.40853Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Sounds Like Me Limited62721Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020STAMFORD PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED52889Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020SUNDANCE INVESTMENTS LIMITED58582Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020SW PROPERTY LIMITED59242Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020TAP LBG63963Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Thomas Hotels Limited5392Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Totti Industries Limited63604Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020TRELADE LIMITED52479Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020TS Holdings Limited61247Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020UbiCap Wealth PCC Limited64080Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020UNIT 58A HOLDINGS LIMITED54598Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Vantage Limited50043Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Victoria Road Properties Limited48131Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Vine House Limited33046Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020WALNUT LIMITED55167Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020WALTON PROPERTIES LIMITED56907Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Woodhouse Holdings Limited61836Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020YOOKOS GUERNSEY LIMITED54020Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020YOOKOS IP HOLDCO LIMITED54025Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020YOOKOS OPERATINGCO LIMITED54026Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Zazu Limited62925Struck off on 12/05/2020-
12/05/2020Zozma Investments Limited30291Struck off on 12/05/2020-


Companies struck off in 2020 for failure to file annual validation 

The below companies were struck from the register during 2020 for failure to file an annual validation in 2020.

Date of PublicationCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date
05/08/2020Planeco Limited49809Struck off on 05/08/2020-
12/08/2020The Ombra Group Limited64862Struck off on 12/08/2020-
12/08/2020NIRIEL PROPERTIES LIMITED51453Struck off on 12/08/2020-
12/08/2020Slappie Limited63741Struck off on 12/08/2020-
12/08/2020George Raymond Developments Limited32415Struck off on 12/08/2020-
12/08/2020Capital Finance (Guernsey) Limited63110Struck off on 12/08/2020-
17/08/2020Talisman Granular Holdings Limited62392Struck off on 17/08/2020-
20/08/2020C. I. H. Limited5345Struck off on 20/08/2020-
20/08/2020Quantum-Med Marine Limited21545Struck off on 20/08/2020-
20/08/2020Guernsey Clockmakers Limited8169Struck off on 20/08/2020-
10/09/2020UbiCap Group Holdings Limited65217Struck off on 10/09/2020-
22/10/2020UbiCap Privé Limited51159Struck off on 22/10/2020-
18/12/2020VICTORY ISLAND GP LIMITED66798Struck off on 18/12/2020-


Companies struck off for failure to file annual validation in a previous year

At times during the year companies can be either listed for strike off, or struck off, as a result of failing to make an annual validation submission in a previous year. In such cases, the delay in listing, or striking off, may be as a result of other third parties requesting the company is retained whilst other matters are being finalised.


Date of Publication

Company NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date
Struck off
07/01/2020BUILD LIMITED52264Struck off on 07/01/2020-
23/01/2020B-BARS LIMITED52448Struck off on 23/01/2020-
12/02/2020SKYLINE SCAFFOLDING LIMITED46767Struck off on 12/02/2020-
03/03/2020Shield Blockchain Infrastructure PCC Limited65484Struck off on 03/03/2020-
04/03/2020Alpha Alliance Limited61738Struck off on 04/03/2020-
04/03/2020Attis Oil & Gas Limited62142Struck off on 04/03/2020-
04/03/2020ALLIANCE DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED59056Struck off on 04/03/2020-
10/03/2020Eclat Auto Works Limited61059Struck off on 10/03/2020-
12/03/2020PONT DE L'ATLANTIQUE LIMITED65034Struck off on 12/03/2020-
12/03/2020AXSAFE GUERNSEY LIMITED65081Struck off on 12/03/2020-
12/03/2020MILNER CAP HOLDINGS LIMITED65388Struck off on 12/03/2020-
17/03/2020AGUILA (DAVENTRY) PROPERTIES LIMITED43641Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020AIGBURTH INVESTMENTS LIMITED45217Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020AINTREE INVESTMENTS LIMITED45218Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020ALEXANDRA PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LIMITED44490Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020ANDALUCIA INVESTMENTS LIMITED44191Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020ARAGON INVESTMENTS LIMITED44192Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020ARGYLE INVESTMENTS LIMITED44491Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020BALTIC HOLDINGS LIMITED45859Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020BOOTLE INVESTMENTS LIMITED45219Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020BRABANT INVESTMENTS LIMITED44193Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020CENTRAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED44492Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020CORMORANT INVESTMENTS LIMITED45220Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020EAGLE GP13 LIMITED45862Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020EAGLE GP14 LIMITED45863Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020FLANDERS INVESTMENTS LIMITED44196Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020FOREST PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LIMITED44495Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020FRIAR PROPERTIES LIMITED42950Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020Future Heritage (Bath) Limited44506Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020GARDA HOLDINGS LIMITED45724Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020GENTOO PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED44113Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020GLADSTONE INVESTMENTS LIMITED44198Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020HARCHESTER INVESTMENTS LIMITED44199Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020HOTSPUR INVESTMENTS LIMITED44496Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020MELBOURNE INVESTMENTS LIMITED44200Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020MELCHESTER INVESTMENTS LIMITED44201Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020NORTH END INVESTMENTS LIMITED44499Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020OLD SWAN INVESTMENTS LIMITED45227Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020ORIENT PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LIMITED44500Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020PRESPA HOLDINGS LIMITED45730Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020PROPINVEST AIREDALE LIMITED47359Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020PROPINVEST CAPITAL LIMITED45670Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020PROPINVEST EUROPEAN HOLDINGS LIMITED47260Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020PROPINVEST SPINNINGFIELD SQUARE LIMITED47263Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020Propinvest Stechford Limited45541Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020RHONE HOLDINGS LIMITED45257Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020RYDAL PROPERTY INVESTMENTS LIMITED44352Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020SEAFORTH INVESTMENTS LIMITED45229Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020SHANNON HOLDINGS LIMITED45259Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020SPEKE HOLDINGS LIMITED45557Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020STANLEY INVESTMENTS LIMITED44503Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020THAMES HOLDINGS LIMITED45260Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020THE MARLOWES (HH) LIMITED42954Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020VALE INVESTMENTS LIMITED44505Struck off on 17/03/2020-
17/03/2020WEDNESDAY INVESTMENTS LIMITED44508Struck off on 17/03/2020-
19/03/2020BATIMENT MANAGEMENT CONSTRUCTION LIMITED55767Struck off on 19/03/2020-
08/07/2020Dari Capital Limited66277Struck off on 08/07/2020-
08/07/2020Axminister Limited66607Struck off on 08/07/2020-


44440Struck off on 10/07/2020-


34455Struck off on 10/07/2020-
20/082020Hotel Dunchoille Limited22923Struck off on 20/08/2020-
18/09/2020LEALE'S YARD LIMITED44222Struck off on 18/09/2020-
01/10/2020Charroterie Property Ltd.59345Stuck off on 01/10/2020-
01/10/2020Integrity Group Limited64393Stuck off on 01/10/2020-
22/10/2020Eddie's Cleaning Services Ltd.44605Struck off on 22/10/2020-
09/11/2020GUILLOUTEL LIMITED50844Struck off on 09/11/2020-
11/11/2020LES ROSIERS LIMITED27005Struck off on 11/11/2020-
18/12/2020LG DEVELOPMENTS LTD61734Struck off on 18/12/2020-
23/12/2020LEMON LIMITED60656Struck off on 23/12/2020-