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Failure to file annual validation - 2023

The strike off list in this section gives details of LP's who failed to comply with regulation 3 of the Limited Partnerships (Fees, Annual Validations and Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulations, 2016 and file an Annual Validation submission by 30th June. Unless cause is shown to the contrary, LP's listed for strike off will be struck from the Register not less than 2 months from the published date. Those LP's listed in the 'Struck off' section have now been struck from the Register.

Limited Partnerships listed for strike off for failure to file an annual validation in 2022

Listed for strike off
Date of publicationLP NameLP NumberDetailsNotice expiry date
24/05/2023Bracken Partners Investments Capital Fund L.P.257-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Grosvenor Kleinwort Benson Residential Limited Partnership275-24/07/2023
24/05/2023The Pettigrew Family Limited Partnership282-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Monitop LP.290-24/07/2023
24/05/2023The Hainsworth Family Limited Partnership.295-24/07/2023
24/05/2023The Growth Asset Limited Partnership305-24/07/2023
24/05/2023The Cornwall Limited Partnership.334-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Jubilee Scheme 1 LP340-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Roadster LP.384-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Willow Atlantic Companies L.P.462-24/07/2023
24/05/2023New Street Mezzanine L. P. Incorporated499-24/07/2023
24/05/2023MENA Capital Private Equity Fund I, L.P.504-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Carlyon Bay Limited Partnership518Annual Validation filed 31/05/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023HADDON NO. 1 LIMITED PARTNERSHIP INC.521-24/07/2023
24/05/2023HADDON NO.2 LIMITED PARTNERSHIP INC.522-24/07/2023
24/05/2023NVPE SECONDARY GENERAL PARTNER L.P.546-24/07/2023
24/05/2023The Manali Limited Partnership576-24/07/2023
24/05/2023The Alpha and Omega Partnership, LP604Annual Validation filed 28/06/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023Zeppelin Limited Partnership632-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Thistle Grange LP644-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Propinvest Headrow LP661-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Propinvest Heritage LP663-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Thistle Heritage LP683-24/07/2023
24/05/2023The Asian Foods Limited Partnership688-24/07/2023
24/05/2023The Tiger Group Limited Partnership690-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Propinvest Union LP710-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Propinvest Aylesbury LP711-24/07/2023
24/05/2023ESHA Homes Limited Partnership733-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Propinvest Worcester L.P.735-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Propinvest Sherburn L.P.741-24/07/2023
24/05/2023134-136 Hendon Lane Limited Partnership762-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Parkmead Special Situations Energy L.P.802-24/07/2023
24/05/2023The Ostwal Limited Partnership862-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Resource Europe Realty Finance LP880-24/07/2023
24/05/2023James Tregoning G LP Incorporated884-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Litorina III DLP L.P. Incorporated911Annual Validation filed 23/06/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023Celtic Pharma Holdings General L.P.1023Annual Validation filed 30/05/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023The Sum Limited Partnership1099-24/07/2023
24/05/2023GA Partnership Management (Guernsey) L.P.1159-24/07/2023
24/05/2023The Diggle Limited Partnership1294-24/07/2023
24/05/2023The Magides Limited Partnership1295-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Litorina IV DLP L.P.Incorporated1355Annual Validation filed 23/06/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023ROM Capital Investments (Guernsey) L.P.1529-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Berkeley Growth Limited Partnership1530-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Euroservices LP1877Annual Validation filed 22/06/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023PSC Credit Opportunities II (USD) Founder, LP1930Annual Validation filed 06/06/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023Chapter Jura (Lambeth London) Operator Limited Partnership Incorporated2005Annual Validation filed 02/06/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023Chapter Jura (Lambeth London) Limited Partnership Incorporated2006Annual Validation filed 02/06/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023Chapter Jura (Holbrook London) Limited Partnership Incorporated2090Annual Validation filed 02/06/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023Monaco Wolf Limited Partnership2103-24/07/2023
24/05/2023AREP Special Limited Partner L.P.2110Annual Validation filed 21/06/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023TCA OPPORTUNITIES FUND I, LP2511-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Coller Secondary Acquisitions 67 LP Incorporated2519Annual Validation filed 05/07/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023Collectable & Rare Fund Limited Partnership2636-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Coller Secondary Acquisitions 67 II LP Incorporated2659Annual Validation filed 12/07/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023KGII Guernsey LP2691-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Chapter Jura (Holbrook London) Operator Limited Partnership Incorporated2777Annual Validation filed 30/06/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023Carmen Fund L.P.2880-24/07/2023
24/05/2023PERMIRA CREDIT SOLUTIONS MANAGED ACCOUNT G.P. L.P.2882Annual Validation filed 19/07/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023PERMIRA CREDIT SOLUTIONS MANAGED ACCOUNT N L.P.2883Annual Validation filed 19/07/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023AI Special Limited Partner L.P.3142-24/07/2023
24/05/2023Aberdeen Standard Carlsbad LP3367Annual Validation filed 30/06/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023ECAM-R L.P.3646-24/07/2023
24/05/2023BC Partners Galileo Holdings L.P.3841Annual Validation filed 23/05/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023PCP II Executives LP3994Annual Validation filed 22/06/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023Preservation Fund II Aggregator LP3996Annual Validation filed 26/06/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023HxSB SLP L.P.4124Annual Validation filed 30/06/202324/07/2023
24/05/2023Ahren Carried Interest Partner II LP4265Annual Validation  filed 28/06/202324/07/2023
Struck off
24/07/2023Bracken Partners Investments Capital Fund L.P.257Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Grosvenor Kleinwort Benson Residential Limited Partnership275Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023The Pettigrew Family Limited Partnership282Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Monitop LP.290Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023The Hainsworth Family Limited Partnership.295Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023The Growth Asset Limited Partnership305Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023The Cornwall Limited Partnership.334Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Jubilee Scheme 1 LP340Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Roadster LP.384Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Willow Atlantic Companies L.P.462Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023New Street Mezzanine L. P. Incorporated499Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023MENA Capital Private Equity Fund I, L.P.504Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023HADDON NO.2 LIMITED PARTNERSHIP INC.522Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023NVPE SECONDARY GENERAL PARTNER L.P.546Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023NORSK VEKST PRIVATE EQUITY SECONDARY L.P.547Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023The Manali Limited Partnership576Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Zeppelin Limited Partnership632Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Thistle Grange LP644Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Propinvest Headrow LP661Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Propinvest Heritage LP663Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Thistle Heritage LP683Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023The Asian Foods Limited Partnership688Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023The Tiger Group Limited Partnership690Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Propinvest Union LP710Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Propinvest Aylesbury LP711Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023ESHA Homes Limited Partnership733Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Propinvest Worcester L.P.735Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Propinvest Sherburn L.P.741Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023134-136 Hendon Lane Limited Partnership762Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Parkmead Special Situations Energy L.P.802Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023The Ostwal Limited Partnership862Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Resource Europe Realty Finance LP880Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023James Tregoning G LP Incorporated884Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023The Sum Limited Partnership1099Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023GA Partnership Management (Guernsey) L.P.1159Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023The Diggle Limited Partnership1294Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023The Magides Limited Partnership1295Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023ROM Capital Investments (Guernsey) L.P.1529Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Berkeley Growth Limited Partnership1530Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Monaco Wolf Limited Partnership2103Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023TCA Opportunities Fund I LP 2511Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Collectable & Rare Fund Limited Partnership2636Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023KGII Guernsey LP2691Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023Carmen Fund L.P.2880Struck off on: 24/07/2023-
24/07/2023AI Special Limited Partner L.P.3142Struck Off on : 24/07/2023 
24/07/2023ECAM-R L.P.3646Struck Off on 24/07/2023-