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No Resident Agent - 2019

Those companies listed for strike off will be removed from the Register 2 months from the date of publication unless cause is shown to the contrary.

Date of PublicationCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date

Listed for Strike Off

17/01/2019P K Limited63914-17/03/2019
17/01/2019HARMIL OFFSHORE LIMITED54333-17/03/2019
18/02/2019Alpha Limited63400-18/04/2019
18/02/2019Manor Park Works Limited63859-18/04/2019
12/04/2019ATS ELECTRO-LUBE EUROPE LIMITED60385-12/06/2019
28/05/2019Landmark Lofts Ltd.63800-28/07/2019
31/07/2019Devon Commercial Property (Gsy) Limited65523-01/10/2019
12/08/2019Cantor Limited37292New resident agent provided 30/10/2019-
21/10/2019LAMEIROS LIMITED59434-21/12/2019
13/12/2019Guernsey Bereavement Service LBG43996New resident agent provided 16/01/202001/03/2020
19/12/2019International Agricultural Research Centres Retirement Plan31361New resident agent Provided 30/01/2020-
Struck Off
30/01/2019SRH INTERNATIONAL LIMITED62889Struck off on: 30/01/2019-
14/05/2019HARMIL OFFSHORE LIMITED54333Struck off on: 14/05/2019-
16/05/2019ACI LIMITED60596Struck off on: 16/05/2019-
12/06/2019ATS ELECTRO-LUBE EUROPE LIMITED60385Struck off on: 12/06/2019-
18/06/2019Manor Park Works Limited63859Struck off on: 18/04/2019-
18/06/2019Alpha Limited63400Struck off on: 18/04/2019-
21/06/2019Landmark Lofts Ltd.63800Struck off on: 21/06/2019-
03/10/2019Devon Commercial Property (Gsy) Limited65523Struck off on: 03/10/2019-
21/12/2019LAMEIROS LIMITED59434Struck off on: 21/12/2019-