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No Resident Agent - 2018

The companies listed below are listed for strike off or have been struck off under s. 355 (1) (d) of the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 - 'Striking defaulting company off the Register of Companies'.

Those companies listed for strike off will be removed from the Register 2 months from the date of publication unless cause is shown to the contrary.

Date of PublicationCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date

Listed for Strike Off

12/03/18Symposium Limited59350-12/05/18
12/03/18NATHAN LIMITED54583-12/05/18
29/03/18Global Computing Limited20539Resident agent appointed 29/03/201829/05/18
23/04/18CORESTATE HIGHSTREET II TOPCO LIMITED59516Resident agent appointed 25/04/201823/06/18
23/04/18Highstreet V AcquiCo Ltd.61240Resident agent appointed 25/04/201823/06/18
17/05/18AppNation Marketing Limited61229-17/07/18
17/05/18ANH Limited60956-17/07/18
04/07/18ACI LIMITED60596-04/09/18
27/07/18Cedar Facilities Management Limited62168Resident agent appointed 07/08/201827/09/18
15/08/18SRH International Limited62889-15/10/18
12/10/18ENGLISH PROPERTIES LIMITED60679-12/12/18
23/10/18Safe as Houses Property Investment Guernsey Limited62577-23/12/18

Struck Off

14/05/18Symposium Limited59350Struck off on: 14/05/2018-
14/05/18NATHAN LIMITED54583Struck off on: 14/05/2018-
17/07/18AppNation Marketing Limited61229Struck off on: 17/07/2018-
17/07/18ANH Limited60956Struck off on: 17/07/2018-
12/10/18ENGLISH PROPERTIES LIMITED60679Struck off on: 12/10/2018-
24/12/18Safe as Houses Property Investment Guernsey Limited62577Struck off on: 24/12/2018-