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No Resident Agent - 2014

The companies listed below are listed for strike off or have been struck off under s. 355 (1) (d) of the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 - 'Striking defaulting company off the Register of Companies'.

Those companies listed for strike off will be removed from the Register 2 months from the date of publication unless cause is shown to the contrary.

Date of PublicationCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date

Listed for Strike Off

26/08/2014Bluebell Property Limited39791No resident agent26/10/2014
26/08/2014Caryatid Properties Limited40275No resident agent26/10/2014
26/08/2014DERMARR PROPERTIES LIMITED46551No resident agent26/10/2014
31/12/2014Brentwood Properties Limited34891No resident agent28/02/2014
31/12/2014Fleetway Property Limited36322No resident agent28/02/2014
31/12/2014Hallamshire Property Limited34361No resident agent28/02/2014
31/12/2014J P Knight (Guernsey) Limited38638No resident agent28/02/2014
31/12/2014JAM AUCTIONS LIMITED48569No resident agent28/02/2014

Struck Off