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What are my obligations to the Registry ?

If, during the lifetime of a Limited Partnership, there are any changes to

1. the name of the partnership

2. the nature and principal place of its business

3. its registered office

4. the full name of every general partner and their address

5. the term of the partnership

6. any other particulars as prescribed

notice of the change, signed by at least one of the general partners, must be filed with the Registry within 21 days of the date of the change. 

There will be a £25 filing fee for any change to the above particulars, however more than one change can be included on an application.

Where there is a change to the partnership's name or registered office, the change is not effective UNTIL a new certificate of registration has been issued.  

In addition, every year, all limited partnerships registered before 1st May in that year must file an annual validation in June. The annual validation contains information current as at 31 May.