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How do I form a Limited Partnership ?

Currently, registration of limited partnerships is undertaken through the Registry on behalf of Her Majesty's Greffier.

The application to the Registry must contain the registration fee and a declaration signed by at least one of the general partners.

The declaration provided must include the details of all of the general partners and of the partnership itself, such as the registered office address and the name of the partnership.

Once these have been received the partnership is recorded in the register and a certificate of registration is issued.

Please see the download below detailing the current fees and the link to the Limited Partnership legislation.

Please note:

ALL limited partnership submissions currently have to be made in paper form. No limited partnership submissions can be made using the online services portal.

It is NOT possible to reserve a name for a limited partnership using the online services portal.

Document downloads

Limited Partnership Fees

Guernsey Registry

Relevant links & information

Limited Partnerships (Guernsey) Law, 1995 - consolidated text