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Registry Customer Focus Group

The Registry Customer Focus Group is made up of industry representatives who meet with staff of the Registry on a quarterly basis.

The Group's mandate is to:

• Gain a thorough understanding of the Registry, its mandate and its relationships with stakeholders;
• Provide feedback to registry staff regarding issues raised by industry when using the Guernsey Registry and the on-line services portal;
• Consider and provide guidance/comment on any new initiatives being considered by the Registry.

Current members of the Group are:

  1. Richard Jackson - BDO Limited 
  2. Sara Bourne - representing ICSA
  3. Nigel Massey - Trident Trust Company (Guernsey) Limited
  4. Marie McNeela - Lancaster Trustees- representing Guernsey Association of Trustees
  5. Jon Jehan - Verras Fiduciary Services Limited
  6. Michelle Falla - Mercator Trust Company Limited
  7. Keith Bell - Babbe 
  8. Sam Shires, A O Hall

• Various staff representatives from the Registry and the Law Officers of the Crown