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February 2021

The following table includes notices from the Registrar in accordance with the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 for February 2021, in order of section of law.

Any person who is directly affected by a decision of the Registrar may apply to the Royal Court under Section 511 of the law for an order that the decision be set aside or modified.

Date ReceivedCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date

Section 25 - Change of Name


Stobart Group Limited


Changed to: Esken Limited

04/02/021Novamotion Co. Ltd.63626Changed to: Natres Limited18/02/2021
04/02/021OXW Catalina (Logistics X) Limited65591Changed to: Athora UK RE Log Property 10 Limited18/02/2021
04/02/2021OXW Catalina (Logistics XI) Limited65613Changed to: Athora UK RE Log Property 11 Limited18/02/2021
04/02/2021OXW Catalina (Logistics XII) Limited65634Changed to: Athora UK RE Log Property 12 Limited18/02/2021
04/02/2021OXW Catalina (Logistics XIII) Limited66028Changed to: Athora UK RE Log Property 13 Limited18/02/2021
04/02/2021OXW Catalina (Logistics XIV) Limited66029Changed to: Athora UK RE Log Property 14 Limited18/02/2021
04/02/2021OXW Catalina (Logistics XV) Limited66252Changed to: Athora UK RE Log Property 15 Limited18/02/2021
04/02/2021OXW Catalina (Logistics XVI) Limited66535Changed to: Athora UK RE Log Property 16 Limited18/02/2021
04/02/2021OXW Catalina (Logistics XVIII) Limited66899Changed to: Athora UK RE Log Property 18 Limited18/02/2021
04/02/2021OXW Catalina (Logistics XIX) Limited67071Changed to: Athora UK RE Log Property 19 Limited18/02/2021
04/02/2021OXW Catalina (Logistics XX) Limited67072Changed to: Athora UK RE Log Property 20 Limited18/02/2021
04/02/2021OXW Catalina (Logistics XXI) Limited67073Changed to: Athora UK RE Log Property 21 Limited18/02/2021
04/02/2021OXW Catalina (Logistics XXII) Limited67172Changed to: Athora UK RE Log Property 22 Limited18/02/2021
04/02/2021OXW Catalina (Logistics XXIII) Limited67173Changed to: Athora UK RE Log Property 23 Limited18/02/2021
04/02/2021OXW Catalina (Logistics XXIV) Limited67174Changed to: Athora UK RE Log Property 24 Limited18/02/2021
05/02/2021C E Properties Limited38992Changed to: Condor Ferries Holidays Limited19/02/2021
08/02/2021BV Sponsor Limited67694Changed to: Qubra Sponsor Limited22/02/2021
10/02/2021Feadship 73M Limited68192Changed to: Pacific Crewing Limited24/02/2021
11/02/2021MARK Real Estate Partners IV SLP GP Limited66343Changed to: MARK Strategic Opportunities Fund IV SLP GP Limited25/02/2021
11/02/2021Obsidian Services Limited68574Changed to: Obsidian Fund Services Limited25/02/2021
12/02/2021F&C REIT Carry GP Limited53742Changed to: Club Deals 2 Carry GP Limited26/02/2021
12/02/2021F&C REIT Carry 4 GP Limited56067Changed to: Club Deals 4 Carry GP Limited26/02/2021
12/02/2021F&C REIT Carry 6 GP Limited59238Changed to: Club Deals 6 Carry GP Limited26/02/2021
12/02/2021Club Deals 8 Carry GP Limited60169Changed to: Club Deals 8 Carry GP Limited26/02/2021
12/02/2021Charotterie Investments Limited68738Changed to: La Charroterie Investments Limited26/02/2021
15/02/2021F&C REIT Carry 3 GP Limited55357Changed to: Club Deals 3 Carry GP Limited01/03/2021
15/02/2021F&C REIT Carry 5 GP Limited57047Changed to: Club Deals 5 Carry GP Limited01/03/2021
15/02/2021F&C REIT Club Deals 3 GP Limited55356Changed to: Club Deals 3 GP Limited01/03/2021
15/02/2021Bellerive Studio Holdings Limited66775Changed to: Bellerive Studio Holdings Limited01/03/2021
19/02/2021Saltus Holdings Limited68458Changed to: Saltus Partners Limited05/03/2021
19/02/2021Saltus Group Holdings Limited68459Changed to: Saltus Group Holdings Limited05/03/2021
23/02/2021IULIF Managing Trustee 2 Limited68539Changed to: IULIF MT2 Limited09/03/2021
24/02/2021Freedom AST Limited68018Changed to: Freedom ALB Limited10/03/2021
25/02/2021BMO REP Carry 9 GP Limited62281Changed to: Club Deals 9 Carry GP Limited11/03/2021
26/02/20212-PLAY Limited45588Changed to: N700VB Limited12/03/2021

Section 46 - 57 - Conversions


Section 69 - Application for Amalgamation

19/02/2021AFR Trustees (Guernsey) Limited47484

Application for proposed amalgamation with AFR Executors (Guernsey) Limited (47478)

AFR Trustees (Guernsey) Limited will be the continuing entity.

Information concerning the amalgamation can be obtained from the amalgamating bodies corporate


Section 70 - Amalgamation

26/02/2021Tempsford Insurance Company Limited37010

Amalgamated with the following: 

Kier Insurance Limited (43494) effective 26/02/2021.

Tempsford Insurance Comapny Limited (37010) is the continuing entity.


Section 97 - Migration

03/02/2021Themis Holdings Limited1842Migrated from Guernsey on 03/02/2021-
03/02/2021ISLANDS' INSURANCE (HOLDINGS) LIMITED16433Notice of proposed migration out of Guernsey. The company will migrate on or after the notice expiry date but no later than 03/06/202103/03/2021
10/02/2021GOLDEN STAR VTB LIMITED53053Migrated from Guernsey on 10/02/2021-
10/02/2021LOKOMOTIV MOSCOW LIMITED52756Migrated from Guernsey on 10/02/2021-
12/02/2021Fidus Limited15842Notice of proposed migration out of Guernsey. The company will migrate on or after the notice expiry date but no later than 12/06/202112/03/2021
17/02/2021Glengowrie Investments Limited40077Migrated from Guernsey on 17/02/2021-
17/02/2021Robin Sailing Limited47206Notice of proposed migration out of Guernsey. The company will migrate on or after the notice expiry date but no later than 17/06/202117/03/2021
17/02/2021P.S.M. Suppliers Limited6667Notice of proposed migration out of Guernsey. The company will migrate on or after the notice expiry date but no later than 17/06/202117/03/2021
17/02/2021Hastings Limited1790Migrated from Guernsey on 17/02/2021-
26/02/2021GOLDEN STAR INVESTMENTS LIMITED53059Migrated from Guernsey on 26/02/2021-

Section 111 (2)(d) - Power of Court re Administration Order 


Section 357 - Voluntary Strike Off - Company will be struck from the register after the expiration of two calendar months from the date of notice unless cause is shown to the contrary.

01/02/2021Canada Court Limited14290-01/04/2021
01/02/2021CLARITY PARTNERS LIMITED44694-01/04/2021
03/02/2021Hobart 18 Limited36450-03/04/2021
03/02/2021S/Y Aquarius Crew IC Limited62707-03/04/2021
03/02/2021PT MLP GUERNSEY LIMITED67504-03/04/2021
03/02/2021ECOWASTE GSY LTD.65050-03/04/2021
03/02/2021DZ HOLDINGS LIMITED56208-03/04/2021
03/02/2021DZ RACING LIMITED56210-03/04/2021
04/02/2021GLOBAL EDVENTURE TRAVEL LTD.54505-04/04/2021
05/02/2021TimeLease V Limited49833-05/04/2021
05/02/2021Condor Breaks Limited68712-05/04/2021
05/02/2021AG HOLDING LIMITED50593-05/04/2021
05/02/2021Agrochem Insurance Company Limited27727-05/04/2021
08/02/2021LAWTON HOLDINGS LIMITED59836-08/04/2021
09/02/2021CRUISE CONTROL LIMITED51539-09/04/2021
10/02/2021COMMERCE LAND HOLDINGS LIMITED49694-10/04/2021
11/02/2021Bridgewater Properties Limited33272-11/04/2021
11/02/2021WG LIMITED42920-11/04/2021
11/02/2021WS LIMITED42922-11/04/2021
11/02/2021Poonam International Limited18892-11/04/2021
12/02/2021Fargate Properties Limited56236-12/04/2021
12/02/2021Jarron Properties Limited49075-12/04/2021
12/02/2021LISSENDEN INVESTMENTS LIMITED60347-12/04/2021
12/02/2021Orien Properties Limited49083-12/04/2021
12/02/2021The Good Box Company Limited62063-12/04/2021
12/02/2021Martin O'Meara Limited3643-12/04/2021
12/02/2021WOODFORD INVESTMENTS LIMITED56189-12/04/2021
12/02/2021Project Optimum Limited58043-12/04/2021
12/02/2021MAINPORT GUERNSEY LP LIMITED50029-12/04/2021
12/02/2021INCA OMAHA LIMITED49792-12/04/2021
12/02/2021OMAHA GP LIMITED49794-12/04/2021
12/02/2021SHINE LIMITED42810-12/04/2021
15/02/2021La Bigoterie Holdings Limited47163-15/04/2021
15/02/2021Propslice IC Limited67416-15/04/2021
15/02/2021PRET LIMITED52453-15/04/2021
15/02/2021SILENE LIMITED52152-15/04/2021
16/02/2021CHAI CONSULTING LIMITED53594-16/04/2021
17/02/2021Birch DebtCo 1 Limited67641-17/04/2021
17/02/2021Birch DebtCo 2 Limited67642-17/04/2021
18/02/2021Albion Gnsy Limited66951-18/04/2021
19/02/2021FIORELLA LIMITED50178-19/04/2021
19/02/2021ATHERSTONE LIMITED47052-19/04/2021
22/02/2021Propslice ICC Limited67407-22/04/2021
23/02/2021EnTrustPermal Special Situations Fund PCC Limited46603-23/04/2021
24/02/2021Family Health Trust Limited61814-24/04/2021
24/02/2021Avenue Services Limited34618-24/04/2021
24/02/2021Kitty Klaws Limited65555Retained at the request of Revenue Services - Income Tax24/04/2021
24/02/2021OISEAU DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED49450-24/04/2021
24/02/2021ATAOL INTERNATIONAL LIMITED59917-24/04/2021
25/02/2021Sunrise Investments Limited61852-25/04/2021
25/02/2021Eiger Media Ventures Limited66077-25/04/2021
25/02/2021ASHTON LIMITED47642-25/04/2021
25/02/2021HAYWARD LIMITED47645-25/04/2021
26/02/2021Letseng Diamonds Limited31750-26/04/2021
26/02/2021Mansfield Properties Limited31551-26/04/2021
26/02/2021NGP Limited68570-26/04/2021

Section 370 - Application for Restoration to the Register


Section 375 - Administration


Section 392 - Winding Up Resolution (Appointment of Liquidator)

01/02/2021CapMan Mezzanine (Guernsey) Limited42030Liquidators: Adelie DS Limited of Western Suite, Ground Floor, Mill Court, La Charroterie, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1EJ-
04/02/2021MEIF Guernsey GP Limited41715Liquidators: Linda Maree Johnson and Mark Ashburn of KPMG Channel Islands Limited, Glategny Court, Galtegny Esplanade, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1WR-
04/02/2021SM RE Limited39599Liquidators: Ms Nicola Koyupinar, ACCA, of Mill Court, La Charroterie, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 4ET-
10/02/2021Apex Director Services (Guernsey) Limited59717Liquidators: Apex Trustees Limited of 1 Royal Plaza, Royal Avenue, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2HL-
11/02/2021Mitco Retail Six Limited45020Liquidators: Praxis Corporate Finance Limited of Sarnia House, Le Truchot, St Peter Port, Guernsey-
11/02/2021Sogo Holdings Limited66321Liquidators: Kemp Le Tissier Limited of Suite A, Stan Brouard Complex, Landes du Marche, Guernsey, GY6 8DE-
12/02/2021TEN PROPERTY HOLDING LIMITED55923Liquidators: Aquitaine Services Limited of Level 5, Mill Court, La Charroterie, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1EJ-
12/02/2021BLUE ICE YACHTING LIMITED50215Liquidators: Timothu Le Cornu of KRyS Global, 3rd Floor, La Plaiderie Chambers, La Plaiderie, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1WG-
16/02/2021MITCO GERMANY SIX LIMITED45019Liquidators: Praxis Corporate Finance Limited of Sarnia House, Le Truchot, St Peter Port, Guernsey-
17/02/2021VPE Investment Management Limited64635Liquidators: Freedom Asset Management Limited of Louisiana House, South Esplanade, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1BJ-
17/02/2021Rossmore Court Limited54042Liquidators: Sharifah Morris Of Offshore Restructuring Limited, Faibairn House, Rohais, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1FE-
17/02/2021Banbury Investments Limited26596Liquidators: Sequent Fiduciary Services Limited of PO Box 472, St Julian's Court, St Julian's Avenue, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 6AX-
18/02/2021Central Asian Petroleum (Guernsey) Limited28583Liquidators: Benjamin Alexander Rhodes and Andrea Frances Alice Harris of Grant Thornton Limited, Lefebvre House, Le Febvre Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3TF-
18/02/2021Aviation Baggage Company Limited15399Liquidators: Lince Salisbury Limited of Avenue House, St Julian's Avenue, St Peter Port, Guernsey-
18/02/2021DRAGON CAPITAL CLEAN DEVELOPMENT LIMITED50567Liquidators: Sharifah Morris Of Offshore Restructuring Limited, Faibairn House, Rohais, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1FE-
22/02/2021METENSIS CAPITAL LIMITED56278Liquidators: Yvonne Kelsey of The Old Stables, Rue a L'Or, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1QG-
23/02/2021KDC Properties Limited46993Liquidators: William Callewaert and Richard Searle of BDO Limited of Place du Pre, Rue de Pre, St Peter Port, Guernsey-
23/02/2021MCB Holdings GG Limited61948Liquidators: Angus Kemp of Kemp Le Tissier Limited, Suite 1, Houmet House, Rue des Houmets, Castel, Guernsey-
25/02/2021PSG MUTUAL FUND ICC LIMITED33747Liquidators: Robert Cowie and David Rubin of David Rubin & Partners (C.I.) Limited, Ground Floor, Elizabeth House, Les Ruettes Braye, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1EW-
25/02/2021PSG Fund Management (C.I.) Limited31504Liquidators: Robert Cowie and David Rubin of David Rubin & Partners (C.I.) Limited, Ground Floor, Elizabeth House, Les Ruettes Braye, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1EW-
26/02/2021HKS Limited39073Liquidators: Sharifah Morris Of Offshore Restructuring Limited, Faibairn House, Rohais, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1FE-

Section 396 - Change of Appointed Liquidator


Section 400 - Voluntary Winding Up - Company will be removed at the expiration of three calendar months from the date of notice.

01/02/2021Humood Property Limited28715Final meeting: 29/01/202101/05/2021
01/02/2021PEKAN INVESTMENTS LIMITED59566Final meeting: 29/01/202101/05/2021
01/02/2021CAPON INVESTMENTS LIMITED59564Final meeting: 29/01/202101/05/2021
01/02/2021BANTAM INVESTMENTS LIMITED59565Final meeting: 29/01/202101/05/2021
04/02/2021EL ORO LTD.49778Final meeting: 04/02/202104/05/2021
04/02/2021Clyde Marine Offshore Limited39769Final meeting: 04/02/202104/05/2021
05/02/2021White House Holding Limited30750Final meeting: 03/02/202105/05/2021
09/02/2021Empty Quarter Limited32593Final meeting: 03/02/202109/05/2021
10/02/2021Cristal Limited2604Final meeting: 10/02/202110/05/2021
11/02/2021ROOH FINE ART LIMITED58446Final meeting: 11/02/202111/05/2021
15/02/2021Crewe Toll Limited60846Final meeting: 08/02/202115/05/2021
15/02/2021Crewe Toll Holdings Limited60847Final meeting: 08/02/202115/05/2021
16/02/2021Yorkshire Guernsey Limited22843Final meeting: 12/02/202116/05/2021
17/02/2021SHL3EF - AR Limited64105Final meeting: 15/02/202117/05/2021
17/02/2021SHL3EF - MPS Limited64106Final meeting: 15/02/202117/05/2021
18/02/2021BROCKTON CREWE TOLL IMH LIMITED59173Final meeting: 15/02/202118/05/2021
18/02/2021MADAR PROPERTY LIMITED58523Final meeting: 17/02/202118/05/2021
19/02/2021MALVA LIMITED50496Final meeting: 19/02/202119/05/2021
19/02/2021ALPHA TIGER GUERNSEY HOLDINGS NO.1 LIMITED54091Final meeting: 19/02/202119/05/2021
23/02/2021BRAEMAR GROUP PCC LIMITED48236Final meeting: 22/02/202123/05/2021
24/02/2021MCB Holdings GG Limited61948Final meeting: 23/02/202124/05/2021
25/02/2021CS Insurance PCC Limited65175Final meeting: 02/02/202125/05/2021
25/02/2021GLADSTONE BUSINESS LIMITED49305Final meeting: 08/01/202125/05/2021
25/02/2021Haria Properties Limited44684Final meeting: 08/01/202125/05/2021
25/02/2021LSREF3 Hotels (London PR) Limited55271Final meeting: 22/02/202125/05/2021
26/02/2021Abdulla Property Limited28689Final meeting: 29/01/202126/05/2021
26/02/2021Graphite Capital (Guernsey) Limited64846Final meeting: 22/01/202126/05/2021
26/02/2021SUAD & REEM PROPERTY COMPANY LIMITED51573Final meeting: 19/02/202126/05/2021

Section 415 - Compulsory Winding Up Order


Section 420 - Notice of Court Order declaring Dissolution