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February 2019

The following table includes notices from the Registrar in accordance with the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 for February 2019, in order of section of law.

Any person who is directly affected by a decision of the Registrar may apply to the Royal Court under Section 511 of the law for an order that the decision be set aside or modified.

Date ReceivedCompany NameCompany NumberDetailsNotice Expiry Date

Section 25 - Change of Name


Highstreet GI TopCo Ltd.


Changed to: Highstreet IX TopCo Ltd.

06/02/19HSH N Finance (Guernsey) Limited33554Changed to: HCOB Finance (Guernsey) Limited20/02/19
07/02/19GLOBAL HIGH GRADE CLO DEBT FUND PCC LIMITED59143Changed to: Alcentra Global High Grade CLO Debt Fund PCC Limited21/02/19
08/02/19Integrated Transfer Systems Guernsey Limited63282Changed to: Transfer Systems Ltd.22/02/19
08/02/19New Miami (Guernsey) Limited64879Changed to: ACGK (Guernsey) Limited22/02/19
08/02/19PN70 Crew IC Limited65979Changed to: L60 Crew IC Limited22/02/19
12/02/19Allez Ski Limited63013Changed to: DJD Travel Limited26/02/19
15/02/19C&T International Limited61460Changed to: International Marine Radio Company Limited01/03/19
18/02/19ASG Group Limited51285Changed to:  Pula Aviation Hangarage Limited04/03/19
20/02/19Summit Germany Limited44692Changed to: Summit Properties Limited07/03/19
25/02/19Marie Crew Limited63866Changed to: EYM Crew Limited11/03/19
25/02/19Bolta Investments Limited64683Changed to: Brook (Guernsey) Limited11/03/19
28/02/19STAR LEISURE LIMITED48348Changed to: Benberts Limited14/03/19
28/02/19Generali Worldwide Insurance Company Limited27151Changed to: Utmost Worldwide Limited14/03/19
28/02/19GENERALI PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT (CI) LIMITED42887Changed to: Utmost Portfolio Management Limited14/03/19

Section 46 - 57 - Conversions

06/02/19Furnival Insurance Company PCC Limited30099Application for conversion of Furnival Property Cell of Furnival Insurance Company PCC Limited into a non-cellular company, to be known as M&G Prudential Insurance Company Limited.06/03/19

Section 69 - Application for Amalgamation


Section 70 - Amalgamation

28/02/19RBC CEES TRUSTEE GUERNSEY LIMITED51445Amalgamated with The RBC cees Global Managed Pension Plan Limited (16336) effective 28/02/19. RBC CEES TRUSTEE GUERNSEY LIMITED (51445) is the continuing entity.-

Section 97 - Migration

21/02/19JOHNSON CONTROLS (GUERNSEY) FINANCE LIMITED57424Notice of proposed migration out of Guernsey22/03/19

Section 111 (2)(d) - Power of Court re Administration Order 


Section 357 - Voluntary Strike Off - Company will be struck from the register after the expiration of two calendar months from the date of notice unless cause is shown to the contrary.

01/02/19DRAGON HOLDINGS LIMITED42491-01/04/19
04/02/19Magnesium Limited40802-04/04/19
05/02/19DP Management Limited34413-05/04/19
05/02/19VPE Eurasia Research Limited64558-05/04/19
05/02/19SGAS Omicron SPV Limited55924-05/04/19
07/02/19TIMOTHY HOLDINGS LIMITED43562-07/04/19
08/02/19LES BOULAINS LIMITED53367-08/04/19
08/02/19Hobart 35 Limited40785-08/04/19
08/02/19Fermain Holdings Limited36626-08/04/19
11/02/19Castle Real Estate Limited23880-11/04/19
11/02/19Arthur George Limited33624-11/04/19
11/02/19Marola Guernsey Limited43613Retained at the request of Revenue Service - Income Tax11/04/19
12/02/19MESANBAR LIMITED43333-12/04/19
12/02/19La Hauteur Holdings Limited32855-12/04/19
13/02/19Caps Limited45846-13/04/19


QXI International Limited50062-13/04/19
15/02/19BIS MARINE GUERNSEY LIMITED54786-15/04/19
15/02/19BILLOWING SAILS LIMITED42785-15/04/19
18/02/19NEXUS CAPITAL LIMITED49554-18/04/19
18/02/19TOLSON HOLDINGS LIMITED50956-18/04/19
18/02/19T.A.E.S. LTD.52870-18/04/19
20/02/19Mutrah Development Limited27357-20/04/19
20/02/19NORTHERN HEIGHTS LIMITED59354-20/04/19
20/02/19TMG 003 LIMITED50251-20/04/19
20/02/19POSTBOX GROUND RENTS LIMITED54724-20/04/19
20/02/19Conrad Capital Limited62219-20/04/19
21/02/19Bouet Holdings Limited45568-21/04/19
21/02/19G Orange (Guernsey) Limited30-21/04/19
21/02/19L. S. Warry & Sons Limited247-21/04/19
21/02/19RAW DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED58735-21/04/19
22/02/19GSVC Advisors, Ltd.55877-22/04/19
25/02/19eClaims Solutions Limited57839-25/04/19
25/02/19EL CAPITAN HOLDINGS LIMITED55428-25/04/19
25/02/19KM CAPITAL LIMITED47283-25/04/19
25/02/19Societe Du Biniou Limited63575-25/04/19
25/02/19GUERNSEY ETAILING LIMITED45073-25/04/19
26/02/19GML Limited44026-26/04/19
26/02/19Jireh Limited27263-26/04/19
27/02/19Aqualevo (Guernsey) Limited61447-27/04/19
28/02/19NBKC Round Hill (IRE) Student Housing Debtco PCC Limited64467-28/04/19
28/02/19HD Maritime Crew IC Limited59126-28/04/19
28/02/19Latitude Crew IC Limited61951-28/04/19
28/02/19Andiamo Crew IC Limited62743-28/04/19

Section 370 - Application for Restoration to the Register

06/02/19Presi 2 Limited61567Notice of intention to apply to the Court for restoration to the Register.-

Section 375 - Administration


Section 392 - Winding Up Resolution (Appointment of Liquidator)

01/02/19Heritage Diversified Investments PCC Limited45088Liquidators: Linda Maree Johnson & Robert James Kirkby of KPMG Channel Islands Limited, Glategny Court, Glategny Esplanade, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1WR-
04/02/19SHILLING GROUP LIMITED47332Liquidators: Jeff Vincent of Moore Stephens, PO Box 146, Town Mills South, Le Rue du Pre, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3HZ-
05/02/19Marlborough Multi-Asset Balanced Growth Fund Limited34376Liquidators: Mr Jeff Vincent of Moore Stephens, Town Mills South, La Rue du Pre, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3HZ-
07/02/19CE HOLDINGS LIMITED50235Liquidators: Asher Miller of David Rubin & Partners Limited and David Sheil of David Rubin & Partners (C.I.) Limited c/o Ground Floor, Elizabeth House, Les Ruettes Braye, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1EW-
13/02/19Prosperity Management Limited57880Liquidators: Invicta Limited of PO Box 634, Bordeaux Court, Les Echelons, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3DR-
15/02/19MSE (Guernsey) Limited46366Liquidators: Alex Adam and Andy Wood of Deloitte LLP, PO Box 137, Guernsey, GY1 3HW-
15/02/19Sisyphos Consultants Limited34835Liquidators: Granary Trust Limited of Trafalgar Court, 3rd Floor, West Wing, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 2JA-
21/02/19ROXHILL LIMITED59954Liquidators: Angus Kemp of Kemp Le Tissier Limited, Suite 1, Houmet House, Rue Des Houmets, St Peter Port, Guernsey-
21/02/19Myers Investments Limited34567Liquidators: Timothy Le Cornu and Andrea Harris of KRyS Global, 3rd Floor, La Plaiderie Chambers, La Plaiderie, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1WG-
21/02/19CHINSTRAP GP LIMITED57846Liquidators: Adelie DS Limited of Western Suite, Ground Floor, La Charroterie, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1EJ-
21/02/19Bluepoint Aviation Limited55694Liquidators: Praxis Corporate Services Limited of Sarnia House, Le Truchot, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 4NA-
26/02/19JNA Limited45369Liquidators: Timothy Le Cornu and Andrea Harris of KRyS Global, 3rd Floor, La Plaiderie Chambers, La Plaiderie, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1WG-


Liffey Valley JVCO Limited57536Liquidators: Linda Maree Johnson and Ashley Charles Paxton of KPMG Channel Islands Limited, Glategny Esplanade, Glategny Court, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1WR-
28/02/19Gateway Natural Resources Limited51458Liquidators: Mr Andrew Wood and Mr Alexander Adam of Deloitte LLP of Regency Court, Glategny Esplanade, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3HW-
28/02/19HARVEST INTERNATIONAL LIMITED51631Liquidators: Asher Miller and David Sheil of David Rubin Partners c/o Ground Floor, Elizabeth House, Les Ruettes Braye, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1EW-

Section 396 - Change of Appointed Liquidator


Section 400 - Voluntary Winding Up - Company will be removed at the expiration of three calendar months from the date of notice.

04/02/19StarCap European Hotel Investments Limited63707Final Meeting: 01/02/1904/05/19
04/02/19Starwood European Hotel Partners Limited63684Final Meeting: 01/02/1904/05/19
04/02/19Raven Russia Pulkovo I Limited47121Final Meeting: 04/02/1904/05/19
04/02/19OIL & GAS EXPLORATION LIMITED44380Final Meeting: 29/01/1904/05/19
07/02/19Coller International Partners IV Limited40300Final Meeting: 05/02/1907/05/19
07/02/19CARITAS COMMUNITY CAFE LBG65348Final Meeting: 08/01/1907/05/19
08/02/19M&G Recovery Investment Company Limited39219Final Meeting: 04/02/1908/05/19
11/02/19Orchard Properties Limited21047Final Meeting: 07/02/1911/05/19
12/02/19Philrae Properties Limited39229Final Meeting: 14/01/1912/05/19
14/02/19SHEAZY INTERNATIONAL Limited42995Final Meeting: 28/01/1914/05/19
14/02/19LOANS GUERNSEY LIMITED51343Final Meeting: 11/02/1914/05/19
14/02/19Talal Company Limited31319Final Meeting: 13/02/1914/05/19
14/02/19FLIGHTLEASE HOLDINGS (GUERNSEY) LIMITED33726Final Meeting:05/02/1914/05/19
14/02/19FLIGHTLEASE AIR NO.1 (GUERNSEY) LIMITED33611Final Meeting: 05/02/1914/05/19
14/02/19FLIGHTLEASE AIR NO.4 (GUERNSEY) LIMITED34345Final Meeting: 05/02/1914/05/19
14/02/19FLIGHTLEASE AIR NO.5 (GUERNSEY) LIMITED34744Final Meeting: 05/02/1914/05/19
14/02/19FLIGHTLEASE AIR NO.7 (GUERNSEY) LIMITED35517Final Meeting: 05/02/1914/05/19
14/02/19BUCEPHALUS PARTNERS (GUERNSEY) LIMITED37258Final Meeting: 05/02/1914/05/19
14/02/19TCGI HOLDINGS LIMITED49240Final Meeting: 13/02/1914/05/19
14/02/19TCGB HOLDINGS LIMITED49248Final Meeting: 13/02/1914/05/19
14/02/19TCGP HOLDINGS LIMITED49247Final Meeting: 13/02/1914/05/19
14/02/19TCGT HOLDINGS LIMITED49239Final Meeting: 13/02/1914/05/19
14/02/19LIBERATOR MANAGING PARTNER LIMITED45739Final Meeting: 13/02/1914/05/19
14/02/19FACILITY FINANCE LIMITED51340Final Meeting: 11/02/1914/05/19
15/02/19Viconsult Limited36439Final Meeting: 13/02/1915/05/19
15/02/19RENSHAW BAY PARTNERS GP LIMITED55628Final Meeting: 14/02/1915/05/19
15/02/19Le Haut Pave Investments Limited34200Final Meeting: 11/02/1915/05/19
18/02/19Kemble Water International Holdings Limited44986Final Meeting: 15/02/1918/05/19
18/02/19BRISTOLIAN MARINE LIMITED56927Final Meeting: 15/02/1918/05/19
20/02/19SOLARIS LIMITED49929Final Meeting: 20/02/1920/05/19
21/02/19TCGB GUERNSEY LIMITED49238Final Meeting: 20/02/1921/05/19
21/02/19TCGP GUERNSEY LIMITED49237Final Meeting: 20/02/1921/05/19
21/02/19HOTBED (GUERNSEY) LIMITED51153Final Meeting: 21/02/1921/05/19
22/02/19BOX FISH LIMITED49070Final Meeting: 04/02/1922/05/19
22/02/19STONE FISH LIMITED49086Final Meeting: 04/02/1922/05/19
22/02/19CORAL GROWTH INVESTMENTS Limited42975Final Meeting: 11/02/1922/05/19
22/02/19CORAL GROWTH INVESTMENTS (PARALLEL) LIMITED44018Final Meeting: 11/02/1922/05/19
26/02/19ALPHA PYRENEES GENERAL PARTNER 1 LIMITED46048Final Meeting: 23/02/1926/05/19
26/02/19BROCKTON DUNEDIN ESTATES HOLDCO V LIMITED59251Final Meeting: 26/02/1926/05/19
26/02/19BROCKTON DUNEDIN ESTATES (GP2) LIMITED59832Final Meeting: 26/02/1926/05/19
26/02/19BROCKTON DUNEDIN ESTATES HOLDCO III LIMITED59076Final Meeting: 26/02/1926/05/19
26/02/19BROCKTON DUNEDIN ESTATES HOLDCO IV LIMITED59248Final Meeting: 26/02/1926/05/19
26/02/19BROCKTON DUNEDIN ESTATES HOLDCO VI LIMITED59252Final Meeting: 26/02/1926/05/19
26/02/19BROCKTON DUNEDIN ESTATES HOLDCO VII LIMITED59253Final Meeting: 26/02/1926/05/19
26/02/19BROCKTON DUNEDIN ESTATES HOLDCO VIII LIMITED59428Final Meeting: 26/02/1926/05/19
26/02/19BROCKTON DUNEDIN ESTATES HOLDCO IX LIMITED59831Final Meeting: 26/02/1926/05/19
28/02/19FAIRFIELD (GUERNSEY) LIMITED58074Final Meeting: 28/02/1928/05/19
28/02/19Smithfield Capital (Guernsey) Limited56934Final Meeting: 28/02/1928/05/19

Section 415 - Compulsory Winding Up Order

04/02/19CRITERIA WEALTH MANAGEMENT LTD.55672Liquidators: Sharifah Morris of Offshore Restructuring Limited, Offshore View, Les Bas Courtils Road, St Sampson, Guernsey, GY2 4BH-
04/02/19JOANNOU & PARASKEVAIDES (AVIATION) LIMITED48927Liquidators: James Robert Toynton and Alan John Roberts of Grant Thornton Limited, Lefebvre House, Lefebvre Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey-

Section 420 - Notice of Court Order declaring Dissolution